Negan Finally Appeared On 'The Walking Dead'

If you were just waiting for The Walking Dead Season 6 finale to get Negan's first kill over with, I have some bad news for you. Who did Negan kill on The Walking Dead ? The episode ended with someone coming to blows with Lucille, but we don't know who. One of our survivors is definitely, brutally dead now — but who? Who is it?

He was only on screen for a few minutes, and Negan is already on my dang nerves. That whistling is so annoying — The Hunger Games was probably never written in this universe, so cool it. Nobody likes a villain who monologues. The fact that Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan looks so much like Jon Hamm is very confusing. I know that Negan is supposed to be charismatic, but I'm not charmed by anybody that uses the word "pee pee" multiple times in one speech.

As the survivors rushed to get Maggie to the doctor at Hilltop, they kept running into Negan's blockades. In what may have been Rick's worst strategic move ever (he can't win them all, OK), they tried to just drive away and try another road. The Saviors blocked one road with a daisy chain of walkers with stolen trinkets from Daryl and Michonne, which finally tipped our guys off that they were being lead into a trap. They started moving on foot, and found themselves surrounded by the Saviors.

Soon after, Negan stepped out of the van and we were off to the races. He wanted to make sure Rick Grimes payed for not giving up his resources and killing so many of his men and made a huge show of picking a victim. Ultimately, he left it up to chance, or so we think.

Well that's it. Now we have to wait until October for Season 7 to find out who Negan killed. What's another six months, right? Who's ready for the eleventy million fan theories about who it was? I'm down to analyze that "eeny meenie miney moe" game if y'all are. At least we don't have to mourn a beloved Walking Dead character yet. Negan is all about anticipation, and that isn't letting up any time soon.

Image: Gene Page/AMC