'The Walking Dead' Is Leading Morgan On A New Path

Amidst all the doom and gloom in the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead, Morgan found a beam of hope when some soldiers offered a hand to him. With their horses, spears, and body armor, they kind of look like knights. Is Morgan headed to The Kingdom on The Walking Dead ? He may have stumbled upon some major, and welcome, allies from the comics. They even carry sticks, just like Morgan! This is clearly a perfect match.

In the graphic novels, the Kingdom is a community of survivors operating out of an abandoned school. They are lead by a man named Ezekiel, who is an ally to the Hilltop and has a pet tiger named Shiva. Like, how cool is that? We haven't seen enough escaped zoo animals on The Walking Dead, if you ask me. Plus, there's something kind of satisfying to me about a post-apocalyptic school building. That's where I would want to live at the end of it all.

We first saw these armored men last week, when one abandoned his horse and left both Rick and Morgan to deal with a whole bunch of fresh walkers. Morgan found the horse and used it to find Carol. Then, two soldiers appeared after Morgan broke his "no kill" rule and took out the Savior attacking Carol. One of the men from Carol's roadside massacre showed up and tackled her with the intent to watch her die as a slow revenge. Sir, I know that Carol is at the end of her rope emotionally, but you are not special enough to kill Carol — and he was not.

No matter who they are or where they're from, I'm interested in these people that Morgan discovered on The Walking Dead. I hope Carol ends up joining them. Plus, with Negan's arrival in the Season 6 finale, The Walking Dead is going to need some allies who know how to fight in the war to come.

Image: Gene Page/AMC