John Stamos' Netflix Documentary is Everything

April Fools' Day can be exhausting for pop culture fans who are faced with one disappointment after another, thanks to fake articles and announcements, but Netflix officially wins April Fool's Day 2016 with its John Stamos takeover. While all of the gags have been great, none of them are as flawless as the trailer for the faux documentary Stamos: A Human, Being . In the trailer, Netflix presents a vision of Stamos as the perfect star: teen heartthrob, bad boy, good guy, and a human, just being. Are you in yet? Because I am all in, guys.

The trailer is a joke, but it's a magnificent one that displays Stamos at his peak awesomeness. From embracing an obviously over the top version of himself to gamely taking on his image as the actor who can do no wrong — which come on, everyone knows that part is true, Stamos never disappoints — this totally fake documentary looks like it would be so much fun. By the end of the trailer, you will actually want to see Stamos: A Human, Being for the laughs and the promised flashbacks to that sweet, sweet early '90s Stamos hair. I mean, I know I do.

Take a look at these moments of pure perfection and just try to resist the lure of Stamos: A Human, Being.

1. Stamos Staring Intently At His Own Naked Chest

The trailer opens with Stamos gazing lovingly at a sexy photo of his own chest, as one does when they are about to film a super serious documentary. It's honestly one of the most beautiful meta moments I have ever witnessed.

2. John Stamos: The Brand

"John, my friend, you have built more than a life for yourself, you have built a brand," says Stamos about Stamos. In black and white.

3. Stamos Ponders The Existence Of Stamos

OK, first let me point out Stamos' diversity as an actor, because only he could narrate and star in a documentary about the wonders of Stamos. He doesn't just narrate though. No, my friends, he also ponders his very own existence. "Who is John Stamos?" he asks. "What is John Stamos?" Where do I sign up to see Stamos answer these hard-hitting questions about himself?

4. This Happens

Yes, that is Stamos making the sign of a "J." This is the one cult I think everyone would actually be totally cool with joining. Think about it. Every day would be spent watching Full House reruns and worshiping Stamos' magnificent head of hair. That would be a good life.

5. Relive The '90s Through Visions Of Stamos

If this documentary was real, there would be an entire section devoted to Stamos in the '90s. I want to live in a world where that section exists.

6. The Deep Side Of Stamos

Everyone has a deep, edgy side, even Stamos. In this fake documentary about Stamos from the mind of Stamos, that is definitely a side of him that could be explored in detail. Also, the world needs answers about that spider neck tattoo.

7. The Title Card

Something as beautiful as this title card should not go to waste. Stamos went to all the trouble of presenting Netflix with his best silhouette, and now they need to repay Stamos by making this glorious study of Stamos a reality.

Stamos can do no wrong, and even this wonderfully cheesy fake documentary looks so right that it would be a must watch for any true Stamos fan. Which is everyone.

Images: Netflix/YouTube (8)