Kendall & Kylie Jenner's Snapchat Face Swap Will Confuse Even Die Hard Fans — PHOTO

This social media queen has the best Snapchat story imaginable, and it only gets better when the rest of her family members get involved. As if she didn’t already rule the Internet, Kylie Jenner did a face swap with Kendall Jenner because there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be like your top model big sis, you know? While the two didn’t look as similar as Kim Kardashian and Jenner did when they made the swap, they were still gorgeous because what can they say? Good looks run in the family.

While the two may not look a lot alike, they still have been known to emulate each other’s fashion from time to time. I’d like to think that anytime the more relaxed Kendall goes glam, she’s taking cues from Kylie and vice versa. They’re kind of opposites in terms of style, but a girl’s got to have range. You can’t be in high heels and full makeup all of the time, but then again, it is fun to be all dressed up from time to time. These sisters clearly just get it.

Check out their latest swap along with nine other times they’ve channeled each other in their wardrobe and beauty looks, if only because you can never have too much of these two in your life.

They're still cute, even when they swap faces. And that's not easy to pull off, if you ask me.

1. All Natural

Even if it is near her bedtime, this Jenner's still not afraid to post a no makeup photo. Going all natural seems like a very Kendall thing to do, if you ask me.

2. Blonde Beauty

Kylie may have gone blonde first, but it's hard to say which sister did it better.

3. Shoe Game Strong

When they do get all dressed up, they've each got a killer shoe game.

4. Natural Features

It's her older sister who's known for a minimal look, but Kylie appreciates her features, too. If you're going to learn anything from your big sis, I'd say embracing your natural self is a pretty incredible takeaway.

5. Nude Lip

Kylie's the queen of all things lip product-related, but Kendall's got this nude lip thing down, as well. Guess she learned from the best.

6. Leggings As Pants

Rocking a pair of leggings seems to be more of a Kendall thing, but there's nothing wrong with stealing comfortable style from your sister, right Kylie?

7. Hair Dye

Like Kylie, like Kendall. These two pull off pastels so well.

8. Simplistic

A simple black jumpsuit is definitely a Kendall-type style move, but it's something anyone can pull off.

9. Accessorized

Kylie's the one to wear more accessories, but her sister's clearly got the whole layering thing down pat.

When it comes to style, sometimes you feel more like Kendall and sometimes you feel more like Kylie (even if you are, you know, Kendall and Kylie). And there's nothing wrong with that. Why pick just one when you could have both, you know?

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