15 March Madness Memes To Get You Through, Even If Your Bracket Goes Bust

The aftermath of the Super Bowl is soon swept away with the swift arrival of March Madness every year. Since we’re almost at the final game, here are the March Madness memes you need to get yourself through the championship, even if your bracket goes bust.

I’ve only done a March Madness bracket once and despite tons of research, my bracket went bust pretty early on. Regardless of losing out on a sweet, crisp hundred-dollar bill, I spent the month cheering on all the upsets, laughing as my friends’ brackets failed, and eating my way through endless wings, pizza, and beer.

Really it’s impossible not to enjoy March Madness season, even if you don’t have your own bracket. Everyone is playing the game on their phones in the office, hitting the bars hard for celebrations or consolation, and there’s a buzz in the air just like there is around any championship game in any sport. It’s infectious, just like the laughter you’ll have trouble suppressing as you read through all these March Madness memes.

Whether you are rooting for the reigning champs or cheering on the ultimate upset, these memes will prepare you for the madness all the way through the final championship game.

1. This is March Madness

You think this is March Madness? Oh, I’ll show you March Madness.

2. Rankings Don’t Matter

The ranking doesn’t matter. Your bracket’s going bust no matter what you do.

3. Every Single Game

The harsh reality you hate facing every year.

4. Finishing On Top

Even President Obama gets it.

5. You Mad Bro?

Smell that? Yep, there’s a fight about to break out.

6. So You’re Saying There’s a Chance…

It may look like you have the worst bracket in the world, but there’s some sort of chance you could pull it off.

7. Busted!

Watching everyone else’s bracket going bust, Oprah-style.

8. Your Boss Doesn’t Understand

I can’t turn it off, my bracket depends on this game.

9. Aliens, Man

You did your homework, you picked the perfect bracket, and then everything went to hell. Blame the aliens, man.

10. Those Darn Kids

Then there’s this guy who got lucky. Jerk.

11. Everyone’s an Expert

That face palm feeling when everyone around you turns into a college basketball expert, even if they’ve never watched a single game.

12. If Only

If you ever find this girl or guy, hang onto them forever.

13. Haters Gonna Hate

Sometimes it’s better not to see your friends during March Madness…

14. The People Who Don’t Watch

There really are people who don’t watch March Madness? Really?

15. Money Talks

For the love of the game? Or for the love of cold hard cash?

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