'Not Safe With Nikki Glaser' Advice To Nikki's Younger Self Clip Drops Some Real Truth Bombs — VIDEO

Have you ever wanted to talk to a younger version of yourself, now that you're older and wiser and know which of your decisions are going to be mistakes? Well, if your hindsight is looking particularly 20/20 these days, look no further than this exclusive clip from Not Safe With Nikki Glaser. In Tuesday's episode, Nikki will be giving advice to her younger selves, ranged from age 9 to age 19, with the help of Dan Savage, Fantasy Guidance Counselor. And, since this is Nikki, and, even more importantly, since this is Not Safe, the results are bawdy, real, and predictably hilarious.

In one memorable moment, 16-year-old Nikki asks Savage and 31-year-old Nikki why she isn't interested in her friend Diego now that he's left his girlfriend for her. The obvious answer to this question is that she is, "a b*tch. Because all girls your age are b*tches." I mean, duh. I would say this advice leads to some more revelations about Nikki that are just as interesting and hilarious, but the entire clip, from start to finish, is nothing but. For most of us, were we to meet our younger selves, our advice would probably be inspirational or perhaps cryptic, because they don't need to know anything more than to not go to church camp that one summer or they'll regret it. But, of course, when it's Nikki dropping these truth bombs on herself, those truth bombs are the very definition of Not Safe.

Check out the clip below.

Image: Comedy Central