Nikki Solves A Universal Problem On 'Not Safe'

Nikki Glaser, Serious Person, is here to help the people of the world with a problem that everyone with friends has had at least once. What happens when your friend gets a significant other, whether romantically or sexually? Suddenly, you're left friendless, with no one around to hang out with you on command or share your jokes. This exclusive Not Safe With Nikki Glaser "Best Friends Forgotten" clip from Tuesday's episode promises a solution to those lost friends, who are left out in the cold with their unanswered text messages and wide open schedules while their best friend now spends all their time with whatever bae they've picked up. Even better, and unsurprisingly considering what feminist show we're watching, Glaser's infomercial shows that this is a universal problem that befalls both men and women. Being abandoned by your friend with a new mate is a problem that knows no gender.

How exactly does Glaser plan to solve this problem, you may be asking? Well, you'll have to watch the clip for that, but the free tote bag alone is enough to absorb her advice. Not Safe With Nikki Glaser is a show that takes pride in its ability to entertain, educate, and scandalize all at the same time, but, in quieter moments like this, Glaser proves that her shows is relatable on a whole new level. She's not just talking about sex and feminism, she's talking about life, and those things as components of life. Because life is Not Safe, but this show, despite its title, is a safe place for viewers to laugh, learn, and identify with.

Check out the clip below.

Image: Comedy Central