New Kylie Cosmetics Shades Are Coming Soon

by Kali Borovic

Just days after releasing and completely selling out a brand new Kylie Cosmetics product, the Lip Kit creator is at it again. Kylie Jenner posted a sneak peek of new lip colors to her Snapchat (cleverly obscured in black and white, of course) and it looks like a bunch of new hues are being added to the collection. Are new glosses or Lip Kit colors coming? Well, Jenner didn't exactly say, but it's looking like a few of each.

You didn't think that Jenner would actually slow down anytime soon, did you? Just days after releasing three new shades in a brand new formula, it looks like she's going to have more color options to choose from very soon. Actually, it looks like a few new Lip Kit shades might be on their way as well. Say what you will about the 18-year-old, but she sure is committed to her makeup line.

In the Snapchat video, Jenner shows ten different swatches in black and white on the back of her hand. It clear to see from the video that some look glossy while others look matte. There's also a few thinner, lip liner-esque lines, which has me thinking that Lip Kits aren't out of the question just because she has other new products out.

Jenner's still keeping us in the dark on the exact colors, but there's no doubt in my mind that they'll be gorgeous. With summer coming up, she could possibly have a whole new bright range of colors coming. There's also the possibility of matching glosses for every single Lip Kit color. I have no idea, but the suspense is killing me.

You never know what Jenner will do next, so it's hard to even speculate. After all, she did just release a her dark purple Kourt K Lip Kit while other brands were busy with their brightly colored spring and summer products. There are no makeup rules in the land of Jenner!

While there are still a bunch of secret releases to come, Jenner is making sure to restock her product every few weeks. According to Kylie Cosmetics tweets, there will be more mattes restocked the week of April 4, so you can stock up on the shades you're missing before the new ones launch.

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