'SNL' Takes On Donald Trump's Comments About Women & It's Just As Outrageous As The Candidate Himself

In a town hall event that aired Wednesday, Republican candidate for president and frontrunner Donald Trump got into some hot, hot water for saying that women should be punished for getting an illegal abortion. Previously, Trump has infamously talked about his daughter, Ivanka, in a creepy, not-father-like way, and he's thrown plenty of nasty insults against women he's not related to, ranging from Rosie O'Donnell to Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly. On Saturday, Saturday Night Live mocked Trump's comments about women in the poignant, hilarious way that only Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong, and Darrell Hammond can.

In the sketch, which aired as the episode's cold open, McKinnon portrays CNN's Kate Bolduan, co-anchor of At This Hour. In light of Trump's recent comments about abortion and punishment for women, Bolduan is interviewing a Trump supporter named Scottie Nell Hughes, who is played by Strong. Nell Hughes is an experienced political commentator in conservative circles, as a member of the Tea Party News Network and a contributor to sites like ChristianPost.com and PatriotUpdate.com — yet Strong's impersonation may now be her most talked-about segment. Strong wasted no time painting a picture of Nell Hughes' determined defense of Trump, saying in her intro, "As a woman, I like Donald Trump, but as a full-blown nut job, I freakin' love him."

First, McKinnon and Strong mocked Trump's attacks on Heidi Cruz, wife of Ted Cruz, and that time when Trump made an uncomfortable joke about his penis during a presidential debate. According to the SNL team, Trump's hands are just too big for him to see what he retweets. Thanks for getting that joke out of the way, SNL. Here's to never talking about Trump's "hands" again.

Things got even more ridiculous when McKinnon and Strong took on Trump's recent abortion comments. Bolduan asked Nell Hughes to explain those comments, which she called an April Fool's joke. The fact that the comments were made on Wednesday, March 30, is "why it is so funny," according to Strong's Nell Hughes.

The sketch also cut over to satirical footage of a Trump rally, with Hammond assuming his regular part as the candidate. There, Trump talked about his daughter, who just had a baby and is apparently extra well-endowed because of it. This joke links back to that time when Trump said that if Ivanka weren't his daughter, "perhaps I'd be dating her." (Trust me, that was a real comment, not an SNL sketch.)

Also in Saturday's sketch, Strong's Nell Hughes defended Trump, saying that he's starting a conversation about women. McKinnon's Bolduan responds by showing footage of the same satirical Trump rally, where Hammond leads the crowd in a chant of "Women suck!" It may seem slightly childish, but then again, what makes SNL so funny is that it's partially rooted in reality. Watch the entire sketch for yourself here:

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Images: Dana Edelson/NBC; Saturday Night Live/YouTube