Taylor Swift & Ruby Rose Prove Their Bestie Status At The 2016 GLAAD Media Awards — PHOTOS

Many people already knew that Taylor Swift and Ruby Rose were pals, thanks to instances like the OITNB star jumping to support the singer after Kanye West's diss track "Famous." But it didn't become clear that the two were next-level besties until their adorable exchange at the 2016 GLAAD awards, when Swift presented Rose with the Stephen F. Kolzak Award. Swift's appearance at the awards was a surprise, according to GLAAD's Twitter account, showing just how close the two stars have become and how much the they care for one another.

The award for which Rose was the recipient is named after Kolzak, a late casting director who advocated to raise awareness in the entertainment industry about discrimination towards the LGBT community. It's a perfect honor for Rose, who is well known for her role as Stella, the mysterious and dangerous love interest for Piper on Orange Is The New Black, as well as for her outspoken statements on gender fluidity. Presenting Rose with the award, Swift said that "Ruby breaks down barriers and opens up opportunities for all people, but most importantly, young LGBT people all over the world. Said Swift,

"Tonight I'm here to honor someone who, through her words and through her actions, proves that she is a force of nature. She tells the world that no one can judge us and no one can stop us. She is a woman of many talents and she is my friend. Ruby breaks down barriers and opens up opportunities for all people, but most importantly, young LGBT people all over the world."

If you had any doubts about the duo's sweet friendship, the next moment proved that they're just like any other BFFs, as there was some funny confusion over Rose being overheated and wanting Swift to take her jacket, but feeling odd asking her to hold it, which was captured on Rose's Instagram. The silliness was a nice reminder that social situations can be just as awkwardly hilarious for stars as for the rest of us.

After the event, Swift shared an Instagram showing her excitement over being at the GLAAD awards for the first time, as well as her friendships with both Rose and singer-songwriter Troye Sivan.

Sure, Rose and Swift were buddies before, but this new step in their bond is some serious friendship goals. I can't wait to see what this BFF power couple does next.

Images: Instagram/RubyRose, Instagram/TaylorSwift