'FNL' Crossover with 'Parenthood' Is Happening!

Friday Night Lights fans, sit down wherever you are and emotionally brace yourselves. There is going to be an actual crossover between Friday Night Lights and Parenthood , with two beloved Dillon Panthers visiting the Bravermans for a four-part webseries beginning on Feb. 13. Jason Katims, we bow down to you and all of your glory.

The creator of both amazing series has featured FNL actors on Parenthood plenty of times, but always as a new character. Most recently Matt Lauria went from East Dillon Lion Luke Cafferty to Amber's struggling fiancee Ryan York. But on this webseries, titled Friday Night at the Luncheonette (!!!), Jesse Plemons and Derek Phillips will reprise their roles as Landry Clarke and Billy Riggins.

The show will center on Mae Whitman's Amber as she watches her cousin Max after her uncles' recording studio has closed for the night. She'll end up meeting Landry and Billy in the best way possible — Crucifictorious is going to record at the Luncheonette, according to HitFix. And I guess Billy is just along for the ride? Or wanted a little break from Stevie and the Riggins twins?

Four online episodes featuring two characters may not exactly be the reunion movie we were hoping for, but it's still something to be very, very excited about and hey, we might get to hear what the rest of our favorite characters have been up to. Billy will have to mention how much his family has grown, and what his little brother Timmy has been up to (!!!), while Landry is likely to mention what his best friend Matt and his wife Julie (!!!) are up to in Chicago.

All of this news came so suddenly, and now we only have a few days to prepare. Get your Panthers or Lions jersey on, practice the mantra and take a few deep breaths. Friday Night Lights is (sort of) back.

Image: NBC