In Other News: July 9, 2013

HBO announced a documentary film project chronicling the behind-the-scenes efforts to overturn California's Prop 8 ban on gay marriage.

Meanwhile, Missouri State Senator Ed Emery basically wants to reverse a decade-old Supreme Court decision decriminalizing "sodomy." He responded to criticism with: "The truth can be very offensive." Or, you know, you are.

Sequestration cuts are making life pretty tough for families who rely on the Head Start early childhood development programs, as parents facing closures run out of options.

Someone hacked Vogue UK and put a bunch of hat-wearing dinosaurs on the cover. You're welcome.

Elsewhere in our belt-tightened-nation, furloughed Pentagon workers held a "fun run" to protest their forced day off. It was advertised as a 5K, but stopped 20 percent short, "just like their paychecks."

The Washington Post's politics team explains the factions dividing House Republicans with a simple, if still ridiculous, illustration.

More mind-boggling pictures: 100 years of biking history.

The American Society of News Editors's annual report says the field of journalism has gotten less diverse—both in terms of both race and gender—over the past year. This reverses the positive trends over the last decade, and many blame an industry-wide financial crisis. Sadly, we're not surprised.

Everyone's favorite young adult authoress Judy Blume told Rookie Mag about her teenage sexcapades, which lead her to muse: "I am actually glad that Amanda Bynes had her implants removed. This was a good development."

And for your final inspirational feminist awesomeness of the day: Spoken word poet Hollie McNish absolutely demolishes the stigma against breast-feeding: