These '7th Heaven' Castmates Still Hang IRL

On 7th Heaven, Lucy and Mary Camden had the typical sisterly relationship. They shared a room at one point, so understandably they got on each other's nerves. But at the end of the day, they totally had one another's back. It's been nine years since the show ended, but that hasn't stopped Beverley Mitchell and Jessica Biel from staying close — as if they're sisters IRL. On Saturday, Mitchell threw a fairy themed party for her 3-year-old daughter Kenzie and Biel was on the guest list, according to E! Online. Other celebs, like Haylie Duff, attended the party.

From the looks of it, the party was a blast. There was even a fairy shaped cupcake cake to fit the theme. E! reported that the party was held at Au Fudge, aka Biel's family friendly restaurant. This isn't the first time the TV siblings hung out there — the 7th Heaven cast reunited at the restaurant launch back in February, where they were all joined by their former co-stars Mackenzie Rosman, Catherine Hicks, and Barry Watson. Based on all of these mini reunions, I'm sincerely rooting for them to film a spin-off. Wouldn't it be amazing to see where Lucy and Mary wound up all these years later? They wouldn't even need the rest of the cast; I'd watch just them.

Anyway, back to the birthday party. Check out Mitchell's daughter's cake.

Duff also shared this photo of the proud parents. How adorable is this little family?

Last but not least, Duff posted a few Snapchats from the event, including this one where you can see Biel standing in the background.

Although there's no legitimate 7th Heaven reunion on the horizon, it's heartwarming that Biel and Mitchell are still so close. They haven't outgrown their TV bond and it's amazingly nostalgic to see. As the theme song says, I guess there really is "no greater feeling than the love of family."

Image: Haylie Duff/Snapchat (screenshot)