What Time Will Wisconsin Polls Open? The State's Primary Will Be Momentous

Another big primary is approaching on April 5 — that is, the great state of Wisconsin, home of badgers, the Avery family, the Green Bay Packers, and Gov. Scott Walker. After some recent election results that have tightened the race on both the Democratic and Republican sides of the spectrum, all of the major candidates are hoping for wins in this state. Hillary Clinton would like to solidify her lead against Bernie Sanders. Sanders would do really well to score Wisconsin as far as his own delegate count. Donald Trump could use this state to maintain the lower percentage of voters he needs per state to score the nomination. So what time will polls open in Wisconsin for voters to place their votes for their chosen candidate?

Polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. local time, so there is a 13-hour window for voters to show up and do their business. Wisconsin is a primary state, so this certainly affords more flexibility to voters in terms of time management and penciling a little voting into their schedules. It's certainly worth it in these primaries, because the respective races are on the brink of potentially changing course.

For starters, many are predicting a Ted Cruz win over current Republican frontrunner Trump. If Cruz were to secure Wisconsin, it would make an open Republican National Convention far more likely. Forbes wrote that if Cruz beats Trump in Wisconsin, which has 42 delegates to offer, it's highly possible Trump won't make it to the required 1,237 delegate majority.

On the Democratic side, the race is quite close, with some polls putting Sanders ahead at 57 percent. If Sanders takes more delegates than Clinton in Wisconsin, he will end that race less than 200 pledged delegates behind Clinton — the closest he'll have come since the start of the primary races.

In any case, it is crucial for Wisconsin voters to make their voices heard on Tuesday. Polls open up early, and voter information is listed on the Wisconsin State Government's voter homepage to help ease voters into the day. Now, all that's left is to go out and make those votes count!