This Backstreet Boys News Is HUGE

Backstreet's back, alright, and '90s kids might want to stay seated to hear where the beloved band is reuniting. Entertainment Tonight has revealed The Backstreet Boys are headed to Las Vegas for nine shows sometime in the near future. But wait, it gets better — those shows are meant to be a test run, and if they're successful, the band could take up a permanent residency in Vegas. Commence flailing now!

"If it does really well, then I think that'll open that door and then in future we'll do it," Nick Carter told ET on April 1 at the premiere of his boy bands masterpiece Dead7. "So that’s definitely going to happen but we're going to do a trial run first."

If their trial run is super successful, then the boys could soon be joining fellow '90s legends like Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez in the Vegas limelight, making the city a virtual holy land for fans of the decade's pop music. Soon, you could live in a world where a Backstreet Boys performance will be just a short plane ride away whenever you feel like seeing the guys sing "Quit Playing Games."

But if that's not enough Backstreet Boys excitement for you, then this little tidbit should send you over the edge: according to Kevin Richardson, the band is currently in the studio recording a new album. That's right, on top of Vegas, there are new Backstreet Boys songs being created right now. Anyone else ready to bust into some sweet choreographed dance moves?

The excitement is real, guys. The Backstreet Boys have been around for 20 years now (crazy, I know), but they are still going strong. On top of their Vegas deal and upcoming album, there is also talk of the guys teaming up with the Spice Girls. "We put the invitation out there and the girls just gotta figure it all out," Carter told ET. If the two bands join forces, there could be a must-see tour in your future.

For now, focus on the awesomeness that is definitely happening. The Backstreet Boys are still together, they are still recording new songs, and they are headed to Vegas in the near future. Now would be a good time to dig out those old Teen Beat posters and hang them back up, because clearly it is 1997 again, and the Backstreet Boys are having a serious moment right now.

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