'Real Housewives Of Potomac' Might Return For Season 2 With Some Brand New Faces

The time has come for another Bravo series to say goodbye... for now. The Season 1 finale of Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sunday, April 3 after just 10 short episodes. But, will fans get to see more of the ladies from the posh Washington D.C. area? Well, there will of course be the reunion shows for the next couple of weeks, but, beyond that, it looks like Real Housewives of Potomac may return for Season 2, after all! Although the first D.C. area Housewives show was cut short after one season, RHOP may have a longer lasting power. According to Variety, the premiere debuted with the highest viewing numbers of any Housewives franchise. That's impressive.

Fans have really taken to Katie, Ashley, Gizelle, and co. and want to see more of them ASAP. Fortunately, The Washington Post has cited sources "close to the production" as claiming there will be a Season 2 before we know it. When exactly would a rumored second run premiere? Well, if it follows the first season, not until January 2017. But, if there is another installment of the series, we can likely expect some new changes and some old standbys. Here's everything to know about a possible Season 2.

Gizelle Is In

She told All About The Real Housewives that she'd definitely be up for a second go if asked. "Oh yes, absolutely. We really had a lot of fun," she told the outlet. "I would love to do a Season 2, and I’d love to do it with all of the ladies I did Season 2 with."

But She Might Not Get Her Wish

The Washington Post speculated that a Season 2 might shake up the cast a bit. "Bravo is looking to add some fresh faces to the mix of area women starring on the show. Calls have been made and names have been thrown into the ring," the newspaper claimed.

It Could Cover A Wedding

If Andrew FINALLY proposes to Katie in Sunday's finale, then a Season 2 could follow the couple's trip down the aisle. And, there's nothing a love more than watching wedding planning play out on TV.

But, whatever happens, if the show returns for a second season, I know I'll definitely be tuning in for more posh Potomac action!