10 Cool Adult Coloring Books To Improve Your Mood

Do you ever feel like you've become the main character in that book about terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days? When crushing feelings of stress and anxiety start weighing on your shoulders, it's important to find a productive, accessible outlet to let go of all that angst. Enter: the glorious world of adult coloring books! Scribbling away your stress with adult coloring books that improve your mood can be an excellent way to decrease anxiety and help you form a more positive outlook. The best part is, you don't need an inkling of artistic skill to reap the benefits — though I'm sure it helps make the finished product look appealing.

While coloring used to be a pastime reserved for children or particular individuals with more creative inclinations, you'll be happy to hear that the coloring book industry has grown to accommodate the public's general interest in the activity. In fact, the options are pretty endless. Yes, adult coloring books featuring neutral designs are readily available, but there are also some highly NSFW coloring books that can relieve stress, too — while educating you on a few new sex positions! If your sex life is just fine, thank you, but you find yourself openly dropping F-bombs at the office, perhaps a straight-talking, sailor's mouth-style coloring book of swear words is more your scene. Either way, sharpen those pencils, because you're about to get your coloring on!

Get Into Position

Sex Position Coloring Book , $25, Amazon

Who knew coloring books have grown up so much since you last restocked your crayons? Feel your stress melt away as you flip through the pages of this very NSFW coloring book. Not only will you possibly pick up new tips along the way, but this book makes a great gift for a bachelorette party. You know the soon-to-be newlyweds will need colorful inspiration to keep anxiety levels low for the wedding planning process.

Calm the F*ck Down

Calm the F*ck Down , $9, Amazon

The No. 1 best-selling book in pop culture art books gets right down to it — just calm the f*ck down. Filled with curated coloring selections from a Portland-based stress relief therapist who goes by the pen name Sasha O'Hara, the book itself features 21 single-sided coloring pages, plus two pages for creating your own designs. Pages like "Suck it up buttercup" will make you laugh, while also providing you with an outlet to let off some steam.

Keep It Calm, Keep It Kinky

The Big Coloring Book of Sex Positions, $12, Amazon

Continue your sexual education through drawing, with 30 pages of sex positions and activities for those looking to color outside the lines of life. Written and illustrated by Morgan Hastings this book aims to spark your imagination and provide stimulation — much like actual sex can do. The deeper you plunge into this creative outlet, the more you'll feel your anxiety levels take a nosedive.

Illustrate Your Next Tattoo

Just Add Color: Tattoos , $6, Amazon

If you're obsessed with tattoos (whether it's artistic illustrations that inspire you, or a well placed quote), this coloring book of body art illustrations features more than 120 tear-out tatted up pics for your coloring pleasure. Outlines follow themes of nature, fairytales, and cool-looking lettering, and fans say the book has a thick cover and offers plenty of coloring entertainment.

Color Away Stress With Erotica

Wicked Sapphic Erotica: A Sexy Adult Coloring Book , $10, Amazon

This coloring book has 48 pages featuring 23 different designs, featuring 'dames and damoiselles' getting it on in gardens and bedrooms. The designs are incredibly intricate — a good option for colorers who need intensely ornate illustrations to keep their minds on something other than whatever is stressing them out. Fans say the variety on each page keeps you busy. One elaborated, "Very, very detailed! And there are hidden 'things' in the pictures, which I enjoyed finding."

Get Enlightened

Enlighten the F*ck Up , $10, Amazon

Lighten up a little with a coloring book that aims to induce total relaxation by combining enlightening phrases with all-out swear words. Written and illustrated by artist Lacy Bloom, this book features 52 pages of single-sided designs full of decorative interiors and outdoorsy fields, mixing inspiration with relaxation. One user said, "It's unique in that it isn't just another sweary book or book of insults to color. Its message goes deeper than that."

Let Your Foulmouthed Flag Fly

I Am Sick of This Sh*t, $5, Amazon

This coloring book's side-by-side pairings of curse words and fluffy animals allow you to let out a little angst before being cheered right up — because who isn't instantly smitten with adorable animals?! Twenty-four different designs on 52 single sided pages feature cats, dogs, and other cute animals hanging out next to an F-word or two. One user said they enjoyed how the book's intricate details added complexity without making it hard to stay between the lines, and said, "I've found that coloring is great to help relax, de-stress, and decrease anxiety." As the book states, "Your inner peace is waiting, and it has some choice words for you."

Make Potty Humor An Art Form

The Coloring Book of Poop, $9, Amazon

If you can't help but giggle at potty humor, your coloring preferences shouldn't settle for anything less. This coloring book is written by the fictional Ploppie McCrapperson, who takes you through 88 pages of guided bathroom-related facts and illustrations. Read them off to thoroughly disgust friends and colleagues, or just keep them to yourself while creating your next masterpiece.

You're Calm as F*ck

Calm As F*ck: 30 Sweat Words and Colorful Phrases , $3, Amazon

Feeling a little stressed out? Calm yourself down by lending some additional vibrancy to colorful, sassy phrases like, “I Need You Like A Fish Needs a F***ing Bike.” These touching words of feistiness are displayed alongside cheery blooming flowers, animals, and people, and with 64 pages, you can let your anger flow as long as you need it to. One fan, who bought a few copies for coworkers, said, "So much more than just another swear word coloring book. It actually makes me laugh and calm down after work."

These Cool Cats Embrace Swearing, Too

Creative Sweary Cats, $4, Amazon

If you love cats and have a bit of a sailor's mouth, you've just found the greatest stress-relieving tool ever. These cool cats won't judge as you design and color 52 pages of 21 hand-drawn illustrations — conveniently displayed on single-sided pages for no color bleed-through. One fan pointed out that this book offered intricate entertainment on every single page — unlike other books, where one page is great and the next one too simplistic.

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