Benedict Cumberbatch Dresses Like Doctor Strange Offscreen Just Like These Other Superhero Actors

Doctor Strange may not be appearing in theaters until November 4, but it seems as if Benedict Cumberbatch wants to bring his character to life way sooner. On Sunday, Marvel's latest actor-turned-superhero celebrated the wrap of production and the upcoming release of Doctor Strange by hitting the streets of New York and stopping into JHU Comic Books — a comic book store that carries the very comics the upcoming film is based off of. However, Benedict Cumberbatch didn't just show up to take pictures with knowing fans, though. Instead, Cumberbatch appeared in his Doctor Strange costume alongside the film's director, Scott Derrickson.

Like me, you probably missed him appearing in all of his superhero glory, but don't get too upset just yet. This could easily be only the beginning. With tons of cities and other comic book stores sporting the Doctor Strange comics, I've got my fingers crossed that Cumberbatch will make yet another appearance. And, if not, there's always the hope that we can come face-to-face with our favorite superheroes outside of the movie theater sometime in the near future. After all, Cumberbatch is not the first superhero actor to wear his costume off set, nor is he the first superhero actor to make that costume look this good.

In fact, tons of onscreen superheroes have made it their mission to do what they must do for their fans: appear in costume for the fans' enjoyment. It's these actions done for the fans that make these actors real heroes, and the fact that Cumberbatch is joining this illustrious line-up is truly inspiring.

Chris Pratt

Not long after Guardians of the Galaxy hit theaters, Chris Pratt picked up his superhero duties and visited fans at an L.A.-based Children's Hospital. And he even shared his coat.

Chris Evans

After placing a bet with Chris Pratt, Chris Evans was sure to put on his Captain America suit while visiting his fans at a Seattle Children's Hospital. And the best part? His shield was up for grabs when it came to pictures.

Andrew Garfield

nhkteainc on YouTube

Andrew Garfield may not be playing Spider-Man anymore, but, when he was filming The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in New York City, he took break from set so that he could shoot some hoops with fans. He really is your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Tom Hiddleston

feevagabonde on YouTube

You may not consider Loki to be a superhero, but that doesn't stop Tom Hiddleston from bringing his iconic comic book character to life. Instead of just showing up to 2013's San Diego Comic-Con, he went all out with his costume and characterization when taking the stage. That was definitely a sight to see.

I wouldn't put it past the onscreen heroes of today and the heroes of the past to give us even more moments like this in the future. The more we clamour for it, the more they'll listen to us, right? That's got to be how it works.