How To Vacation Like Erika Girardi

by Marenah Dobin

As much as I love seeing the women of Real Housewives partying and fighting in their natural habitat, I really live for their vacations. On the show, the trips take up more than one episode and are usually packed with the most drama of the season. Plus, it's great to see the ladies wearing some outfits that fall outside of their usual wardrobe choices. Even though Erika Jayne/Girardi has only been on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for one season, it is so clear that she knows what she's doing when it comes to world travel. If you want do it right, you need to know how to vacation like Erika Girardi.

The woman strikes the perfect balance between being perfectly made up at all times and actually coming off as someone who is down-to-earth. She knows what to wear for every aspect of the trip. Her hair and makeup are always perfectly coordinated with her looks. She travels in style and she doesn't go too far without her loyal entourage by her side.

Basically, Erika is living the dream in her every day life and when she travels. She is really the epitome of #VacationGoals in every aspect possible. If you want to vacation like a Real Housewife, Erika is the perfect role model... if you can afford it.

Fly On Your Own Plane

This woman is a complete and total boss. She actually has two private planes of her own to choose from, so if you can afford it and really want to be like the Housewife, then you need to travel privately as well.

Create A Lookbook With Outfits

I never know how to be prepared for trips. I am always under or over packing. But if you want to be like Erika, you will have a meeting with your team to put together a look book of outfits for each event in a vacation before it even happens. She really ups the ante when it comes to preparation.

Coordinate Hair & Makeup Ahead Of Time

Not only does Erika plan her outfits before traveling, but she also has her hair and makeup looks outlined. It takes a lot of effort, but Erika definitely pulls it off.

Bring Your Glam Squad With You

The phrase "the more the merrier" could not be more applicable. The reality star does not go too far without her glam squad by her side. Not only do they help her get ready for big events, but they're also her good friends so it gives her someone to hang out and have fun with.

Pick Up Your Friends On The Way

Erika is such a good friend because she does whatever she can to make sure that no one is left behind. She even casually swung by Ohio in one of the RHOBH episodes to pick up Yolanda on her way home from the Hamptons on her private plane.

Adapt To The Culture

Erika may be a free spirit, but she always does what she can to be respectful of the environment she is in. She dressed the part and did her research during her trip to Dubai. Her clothing was a lot more conservative and she left the curse words behind in the U.S. She was also very open to learning about her surroundings and trying the traditional foods.

Maintain A Positive Attitude

I would be extremely anxious to go on a televise vacation with women who have argued with me and questioned my life on multiple occasions. Erika is not like that though. She was actually happy to room with Kathryn Edwards after all the trouble they had because she wanted to make a mends and start anew. She is always trying to make the best of every experience and that is an admirable quality.

It's easier said than done, but if you want to travel like Erika, there are lot of specific things you can do. But even if you can't afford all of these luxuries, you can channel her great mindset and confidence to feel like the Erika Jayne of your vacation.

Images: Bravo (4)