Ashley Nell Tipton Just Released Some Polish

It's been a while since the world heard much from Ashley Nell Tipton, but her groundbreaking victory of reality show Project Runway's 14th season lives on in the many plus size women who felt a little more visible thanks to her participation (and win!) of the program. According to The Curvy Fashionista, Ashley Nell Tipton's nail polish line, in collaboration with FingerPaints, is about to bring the designer back into the limelight as she shows off her unique love of golds, iridescent hues, and pastels in the form of nail varnishes. For those looking to get ahold of these new and limited edition nail polishes, beware that Tipton's website is a little hush hush right now. But she revealed alongside her Instagram announcement that you can purchase her FingerPaints line exclusively at Sally Beauty Supply.

Preparation for the launch of her summer collection has likely kept Tipton away from our screens for a few months. But this nail polish collection is hopefully only the beginning of not only the designer's presence in fashion, but her solidified future in fashion.

As her first release since winning Project Runway, it may seem surprising that a plus size designer — who has been applauded specifically for her plus size designs — would opt for a nail varnish collection. However, I think the move makes her innovative ideas and designs a little more accessible to all. After all, nail polish is usually cheaper than a dress. Plus, it feels like a fun, preemptive release allowing her to make a mark before her clothing line drops later this year. As Stacey, a fan of Tipton's and blogger of Hantise de L'oubli tells me via email, "Initially, I was perplexed and a little disappointed that her first products would be nail varnishes. However, I came to understand that her success does not have to be limited to a specific field. Her being visible as a young, fun, and successful plus size individual is so very important."

There are six shades in the collection, all with names as interesting as you'd expect from the alternative beauty. Beverly's Touch is the gold hue, Thank You Berry Much is (obviously) the dark berry shade, 50 Shades Of Ashley is a gorgeous, iridescent blue and purple, Party Teal Dawn is the green blue, Blushing With Excitement is the perfect name for a sweet pink shade, and Lavender Love is, you guessed it, the light purple color. When I asked Nell Tipton what her favorite hue was via email, she tells me, "It's so hard to pick just one [...] Each color represents who I am."

As for her inspiration, the designer's background played a huge role in curating the polishes. She wanted to combine two things dear to her heart: "My Mexican heritage combined with my love of the '50s."

All polishes cost $5.49, which is pretty reasonable IMO. And if you are a proud owner of a Sally Beauty Card, you'll be able to get them all for $4.99 each.

These shades are honestly perfect for the upcoming spring and summer months, just to keep your manicure a bright point in your beauty routine.

FingerPaints Project Runway Beverlys Touch, $5.49,

Personally, I think the gold color — Beverly's Touch — is going to be a favorite of mine for the next few months, effortlessly taking me from day to night. That's an achievement I've only previously thought possible with the help of red nail varnishes.

FingerPaints Project Runway 50 Shades Of Ashley, $5.49,

On the other hand, the mermaid dream shade that Tipton named after herself, 50 Shades Of Ashley, is the perfect hue to catch the light all summer. The color is almost holographic and undeniably gorgeous.

As with any beauty product, we're all bound to have our favorites. But I think Tipton has done an amazing job with her FingerPaints collection, simultaneously featuring something for everyone while also capturing her own personal style. Reminiscent of the shades already put forth by the designer in the Project Runway finale, I can't wait to find out if these colors make their way into her upcoming summer fashion line, too.

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Images: Courtesy Sally Beauty/Ashley Nell Tipton