Mariah Finally Reveals New Album Details

Not like we needed a reminder of how phenom she is, but Mariah Carey just announced details about her new single, "Your Mine (Eternal)," via a two-minute video teaser. The diva (in the good way, seriously — and by the way, I've known for 20 plus years that there's a hero if I look inside my heart, thanks to Lady M) is set to release the new song on Wednesday, Feb. 12.

The video assures us that girlfriend's gonna top the charts and she gives us straight-up evidence: in the video, there are snapshots of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, which, by the way, she's topped 18 times, making her the most chart-topping solo artist. Beyond that, she's got the second most number one hits, period. The only group to top her? The Beatles.

Sure, she had some major cleavage at the BET Honor Awards on Sunday, but I'm raising my flag in honor the A-Cup Camp (and, uh, the feminism camp) because who gives a shit — she's damn talented. She knows she's hot and chart-topping, so she's gonna keep on keepin' on.

Her new album, The Art of Letting Go, is slated to drop on May 6. It will be her first in nearly five years (holy crap, that's a long time). And it's essentially a very belated Valentine to all Mariah fans. After all, she left her fans this love note on Instagram today:

Woo for MC! She's constantly impressing, and besides, don't we always need a new slow-jam power anthem sung by a fierce woman?

Images: Getty Images; MariahCarey/Instagram