"Everything is Awesome" Video Lives Up To Its Name

If you're one of the people who contributed to The Lego Movie 's $69.1 million earnings this weekend, chances are you've had "Everything Is Awesome" stuck in your head ever since. Warner Brothers apparently knew just how well the song would catch on and have released its official music video.

Just like the movie it comes from, "Everything Is Awesome" is ridiculously entertaining for kids and adults alike. The song is actually performed by Tegan and Sara and The Lonely Island, whose member Jorma Taccone also lends his voice to William Shakspeare in the film. So two pretty grown-up bands, singing the Lego track about everything being awesome and how great teamwork is. Seems like something that would be found on Nick Jr., not in the weekend's biggest box office hit.

The video alternates between scenes from The Lego Movie and hilariously low-budget footage of real legos and construction paper. They even managed to use Lego people that actually resemble Tegan and Sara and The Lonely Island.

If you don't believe me, or are hesitant to see The Lego Movie, just watch the "Everything Is Awesome" video. You'll be adding to those box office numbers in no time.

Image: Warner Brothers