'The Daily Show' Adds A New Correspondent

It’s official: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah is adding to its growing news team with New York-based writer and comedian Michelle Wolf. But you, like me, are asking who is Michelle Wolf, then you’re going to want to keep reading. It was announced on Monday that Wolf will be joining The Daily Show as a writer and contributor, which means she will be among the ranks of some pretty illustrious folks. People like Stephen Colbert, Samantha Bee, John Oliver, and Steve Carrell all got their start as contributors for The Daily Show. In other words: The gig is a pretty good one to have. So, considering that this relative newbie is joining the ranks of one of the best news teams in town, I’m guessing she has to have a lot to offer the highly-praised parody news show, right?

Right. Because Wolf may be a new name, but she is one of the fastest-growing names in comedy. In fact, a showcase in which Wolf will perform named her “the fastest rising comedic talents” in New York City. That’s pretty impressive stuff. So just who is Michelle Wolf that has qualified her for such high praise? Well, to begin with, Wolf has been writing for Late Night with Set Meyers since 2014. As a writer on the show, she has contributed to 108 episodes and was the writing supervisor for 93 of those. Some of her most memorable episodes were when Will Ferrell, Casey Affleck, and Bradley Cooper were guests on the show.

But in addition to working as a writer and writing supervisor for Late Night, Wolf also showcased her stand-up talents on the show in July 2014. She performed a full set of stand-up that the crowd loved.

And those aren’t the only writing credits to her name. In addition to her work over at Late Night, Wolf also wrote material for the 2014 and 2016 Academy Awards, which means I can only imagine that Wolf will be using a similar comedic style as a writer and contributor for The Daily Show. And just in case you’re looking more proof of her on-screen talents, Wolf appeared in the 2016 mini-series Horance and Pete and the 2015 show The Awesomes.

Clearly this comedian has a lot to offer at her new gig with Comedy Central. With a rap sheet that anyone in Hollywood would be jealous of, I think Michelle Wolf is going to have a fine time fitting in with the “Best F*cking News Team” at The Daily Show.