'Switched at Birth' recap: Bay tries to let Tank down easy as Daphne embroils herself in Sherie's troubled home life

So what happened with Bay this week?

WELL. Having seemingly forgotten all about the events of last week, in which she made moves on Emmett only to be rebuffed and then knock over a very expensive telescope, Bay is just having a sweet time cutting it up with her art school buddy, Tank. It's a no-pressure relationship, just two friends hanging out. That is, until the infinitely more perceptive Daphne hears Tank call Bay's art "genius" and immediately susses out that he's totally into Bay. Bay's astonished. A boy? Into HER? (The self-esteem on these very attractive ABC Family stars is just not where it should be.) She's also anxious... because she doesn't feel the same way.

Cue a subplot where Bay rejoins the field hockey team so that Tank and his buddies might show up to demonstrate just how into her he is, which morphs into a post-game party, which builds to Bay finally telling Tank that she's just not that into him. You'd think it ended there, but no! Bay trips, for some reason, and in the process winds up cutting her hand on a broken bottle. Immediately Tank has taken Bay to the hospital, where he waits with her. Could she discover heretofore untapped feelings for the guy? (Of course!)

So what happened with Daphne this week?

After using her advanced powers of deduction to help Bay understand that a boy who keeps coming over to their house is definitely into her, Daphne is back doing her field hockey thing — only this time, she's introduced to some DRAMA at the old Sherie homestead. Pulling up to her teammate's house, she's treated to a display of what's clearly post-domestic rancor: a man storming out, a woman yelling after him, and Sherie hurriedly trying to make her way to the car.

At school, Daphne agrees to lend a frantic Sherie her car... which doesn't turn out well for the hockey team when Sherie fails to show up for practice. Later, Daphne and her mom, Regina go to check up on Sherie and find Sherie's mom, the woman from earlier, making dinner. The house is a mess: boxes everywhere, holes in the wall (just above a conspicuous sledgehammer), and a stove that was left on for some duration of time. Clearly Mom is going through some stuff — confirmed by her daughter, who arrives home and asks Daphne to please just leave everything she's seen alone. Good things come from ignoring severe mental health issues, that's one thing I know to be true.

So what other stuff happened this week?

I could bore you with talk of Kathryn's book pitch going south (then north!) in New York or Toby learning that his wife will be in Peru for another six months, but you guys don't want to hear about that. You want to hear about SEX, more accurately "sex" in the abstract sense that means "physical intrigue." And boy were we treated to that when Chasing Amy star Joey Lauren Adams, lonely mother of Toby's wife, gets cozy with John and smooches him. Switched at Birth being soap opera-lite, the moment was more important for who saw it (Regina) than what actually transpired (a quick moment of weakness). Regardless — this will not be the last we hear of it!

See you next week, when after an entire episode of confusion Bay finally falls in love with Kurt's former tormentor on Glee!

Image: ABC Family