7 '90s Moments That Predicted Beyonce's Future As Queen Of Everything

Now that it's 2016, it's official: Beyoncé is the Queen of Everything. But she wasn't always. Once upon a time she was just Beyoncé Giselle Knowles, one fourth or one third (depending on the year) of, super girl group Destiny's Child. Knowing that Destiny's Child was the greatest girl group ever to exist might give you an inkling that at least one of them would be ~destined~ (sorry) for even greater things, but for all you might've guessed, that was going to be Kelly Rowland (who are we kidding, no one ever thought it would be Michelle). If you were watching closely in the '90s, from the release of Destiny's Child first self titled album in 1998 to The Writing's On The Wall in 1999, you might have noticed the signs. The ones pointing Beyoncé to claiming her crown as Queen of Everything.

Even as a teenager (she was 18 in 1999), Beyoncé had the glint of power in her eye. She was hungry, and she had her eye on the prize. We might not have known then that they Beyonce we knew and loved as "the main one" in Destiny's Child would be the Goddess we revere today, but even then we knew she was fierce. And even if Beyoncé wasn't always the nicest, she was still going to be the Queen. Here are some moments in the '90s that predicted that Beyoncé would one day be the Queen of Everything.

1. When It Was Clear She Was The Star Right From The Beginning

DestinysChildVEVO on YouTube

As early as Destiny's Child's first big single "No No No (Part 1") (1998) it was clear that Beyonce was the star. It was even more evident in "No No No (Part 2)" (featuring Wyclef Jean), where it was completely unclear as to why the other members of Destiny's Child were even there.

2. When She Sent Farrah Packing Without Her Luggage

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Look, I'm not saying Beyonce was necessarily always nice. But to be the Queen of Everything, you've got to be somewhat ruthless. Like when Beyoncé basically threw Farrah Franklin out of Destiny's Child ON CAMERA for the show Total Access 24/7. It's a cold, brutal moment, where Beyonce tells Farrah to go get her flight without her luggage. Shortly afterwards it was announced that Farrah had left the group. Even in the '90s, Beyonce's will (even if it wasn't always the most empathetic) was certainly done.

3. When She PR-ed The Hell Out Of Farrah Being Fired

Of course, every Queen knows how to navigate bad publicity, and Beyoncé wasn't going to let the shade she cast on Farrah tarnish her own reputation. So she went on the campaign trail throwing her opponent under the bus, blaming Farrah's unprofessional behavior for her leaving the band. On TRL , Beyoncé said, “She actually did not show up for three major promotional events, one of which was MTV All Access... So we all agreed that Farrah and Destiny’s Child should part ways, and we wish her the best in the future. But it wasn’t a management decision, it was a group decision. We all feel that no personal problems that can be resolved are worth disappointing your fans.”

But being Queen of Everything, Beyoncé didn't leave it at just a diplomatic comment. She threw in a backhanded jab as well, saying, “We’re going to be perfectly fine. We’ve done, like, three or four shows without Farrah, and they’ve been phenomenal. I know that we get all of our energy from the crowd, and we’ve definitely been getting that and more." Beyoncé proved very early on in her career that you don't mess with the Queen.

4. When She Questioned God's Judgement

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The look Beyonce gives when Farrah says "God" put her "in the right place at the right time" suggests Beyoncé's not fully on board with God's judgement skills. And only a future Queen of Everything would have the balls to question God's word.

5. When She Knew What To Do If She Was Queen For A Day

When an interviewer asked Beyoncé what she would do if she was Queen for a day, her face lit up as she repeated the question. But then disaster struck when Michelle piped in with "Everything would be free". Future Queen of Everything Beyonce was not impressed, immediately dropping her expression, and turning to Michelle, slowly asking "Everything would be free?" Future Queen Beyoncé knew, even then, that being Queen would require a great measure more than a day of free stuff. Beyoncé knew she would be Queen of Everything, clearly. It just took the rest of us a while to catch on.

6. When The Rest Of Destiny's Child Were Just Her Back Up Dancers

Let's be real. Destiny's Child were not equals. As we can see above, that was evident right from the start. Most of the time they just looked like Beyonce's backup dancers. Which is a further indication that one day Bey would be the Queen of Everything. She was already the Queen of her own band, so why not everything else as well?

7. When She Wore The Crown

Well, it was a bedazzled red cowboy hat, but in the video for "Bug-A-Boo", it might as well have been a crown. After all, who else could make that hat look as chic as Beyoncé does?

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