This Desk Has A Secret Hammock Underneath It

For all of those college students on their way to finishing off the semester — get ready to pull some all nighters. Lucky for you, you'll soon have an option to use a desk with a hammock under it, making your all nighter a little more bearable than before. Now you don't have to squish your face at odd angles on top of a desk to grab some quick shut-eye — instead you can have a nice hang and nap your stress away.

A brilliant design student named Aqil Raharjo invented this contraption as an answer to his very own problems, basically embodying the entirety of the inventor spirit. He saw that students at his college were staying up for long periods of time and needed a place to rest. I'm sure no one wanted to go back to their own dorm rooms, because as any college student knows, nothing gets done in your own room. As hard as you might try, a change in scenery can be what's standing between you and a passing grade. The Schnap is basically giving you the best of both worlds by allowing you to stay outside of your room, with an option to comfortably rest.

Where was this when I was in college? Do you know how many all nighters I pulled and wished to high heaven included a hammock for taking a nap? A lot. I'm just glad someone thought of this by now, even if I cannot enjoy it in the confines of a darkly lit library. So to you dear college student, make sure to pick up one of these bad boys, because you cannot underestimate sleep deprivation's effect on you. Instead, kick back and nap your troubles away. Below are some of the features that come with the lovely desk hammock.


The packaging on this invention is adorable. I know I'm supposed to only care about the durability and ease of use but I cannot help liking the logo. After all, you want functionality and sleek design. Just call me the next Steve Jobs, people.

How It Looks

This is an awesome space saving solution for those people spending a lot of time in the office and hitting the books. With your table serving as the base for the hammock to hang off of, you are essentially making an outdoor accessory an everyday necessity. Plus, the little pouch that comes with the hammock actually serves as a pillow. Just incase you don't want to hall that around in addition to the invention.


I guess all that is left to do is to climb in and enjoy a quick nap before getting back to business. Knowing myself, it would take me a couple of tries, but I'd get it eventually.

To learn more about the Schnap, visit their Facebook page here.

Images: Schnap/Facebook