'Frozen's Idina Menzel Will Sing "Let It Go" During Oscars & Here's Why It'll Be Perfect

Who's obsessed with Frozen? Who's obsessed with Idina Menzel? Who will be watching the Oscars? I assume everyone's hands are waving wildly in the air at this point, so here's some good news. On Tuesday, it was announced that Idina Menzel will be performing "Let It Go" during the Academy Awards ceremony on March 2. Frozen is nominated for Best Original Song. Frozen is also nominated for best animated film.

OMG. I am already thinking this will be the best moment of the night — possibly even better than anything Jennifer Lawrence will say, do, or wear. Why? Let's think about it. Menzel has only performed "Let It Go" live during a recent Frozen reunion, cabaret-style, on a small-ish stage.

Well, everything at the Oscars is BIG. Menzel has a BIG voice that will easily reach every corner and crevice of the Dolby Theatre, so we're literally bursting with anticipation. The stage will be huge with room for every and any instrument — maybe even an orchestra. And it is the Oscars, after all, so we're betting that Menzel will wear a stunning and show-stopping gown. So, a huge stage, potential for an orchestra, and a gorgeous dress allows for Menzel to fully belt out "Let It Go" like it was meant to be belted out. Now, I need to stop typing in fear that I'll start belting it out myself.

Image: Getty Images