"Pop Style" Is A Glimpse Into Drake's Lifestyle

by Michelle Lulic

It's not easy being Drake. His lifestyle is full of fame, money, girls, and tons of first world problems. And now, with the help of The Throne (the rap group consisting of Jay-Z and Kanye West), Drake's "Pop Style" lyrics lay down the laws of the very lifestyle that they all live in and that society reflects. With that level of talent on one track, it's sure to be a sure fire hit. However, the song's artists and eerily haunting beat are just the cusp of it all. What really stands out to me is what the lyrics in "Pop Style" are actually saying.

Instead of straight-up praising the rapper lifestyles they live, they are subtly touching on the issues that come along with being in the limelight. Because, whether it's easy for the public to understand or not, there's a new level of pressure and responsibility that comes with the levels of fame all three of these rappers have reached. And now, with the release of "Pop Style," they are going to stop brushing those societal ideals aside. That's right, this song just got really real. And isn't that the point of rap in the first place? To be the realest thing you'll listen to all day.

"Pop Style" is one of the few tracks from Drake's upcoming album, Views From The 6, that he has dropped so far, fans can be assured that it only gets better from here. And here is already so good. First of all, the song both starts and begins with what I believe to be the perfect summary of the song's message. Drake is not only mentioning the rise to fame, but swiftly transitioning into the immediate oddity that is fame and recognition. Basically, everyone wants to be what they think the "pop style" is, but nobody really knows what they are signing up for.

Dropped outta school now we dumb rich, dumb richThis sound like some forty-three-oh-one sh*t, one sh*tAll my n*ggas wanna do is pop style, pop styleTurn my birthday into a lifestyle, lifestyle

But, as the main verses of the rap go on, that's where things get even more specific. Drake really makes it clear that fame is not all that it's cracked up to be.

Man you boys just got to Hollywood, you boys just startedYou don't know what you just startedAll I do is hang with the young and heartlessAll this is for my family, man, I try my hardest

Drake's verse ends with more of the personal struggles and hardships.

I can't trust no f*ckin' bodyThey still out to get me cause they never got me

But once Jay-Z and Kanye West jump into the track, you know that Drake's message of passion and hardship in this business is about to get backed up with all of the pop culture references you can imagine. All while still making it clear that their life is pretty sweet no matter what, of course.

Throne is back up in it, ayeIn the field like Emmitt, aye, y'all get so offended, ayeI be blacking out, I ain't backing outJay about his business, and I'mma let you finish but I...I just, I just, I just, I just wanna rock your body

Yep. Nobody is going to bring these three rap icons down at this point. Because, as expected, they are all on top of their game and they worked hard to get where they are. "Pop Style" is now available on iTunes, and I am not so patiently awaiting the rap performance of the year from these three. The excitement for Drake's new album is stron, and these three need to all collaborate together way more often.