When Will Drake's "Controlla" Be On Spotify? 'Views From The 6' Is Due Very Soon

The world has been eagerly awaiting the release of Drake's new album Views From The 6 for, like, forever. Drake first announced the title of his next album way back in July 2014, and, ever since, fans have been wondering when the record will finally appear. Drake's "Hotline Bling" seemed to win over just about everybody, and it's likely that his fan base has grown tremendously as a result. While some have speculated as to whether Views From The 6 will ever actually be released, all signs seem to point towards it dropping in April 2016. And now that more songs from Drake's forthcoming album have leaked, it seems as though Views From The 6 will be dropping imminently. So when will "Controlla" by Drake be on Spotify?

Like basically every one of his songs ever, Drake's "Controlla" is addictive, and I want to be able to add it to all of my Spotify playlists immediately. As the song wasn't meant to leak, it's gradually disappearing from all the places it was streaming. I really hope this doesn't put Drake off of releasing the song, as "Controlla" is a ready-made classic, with a sound all of its own, and catchy lyrics that are already stuck in my head.


Views From The 6 has been a long time coming, but Drake has confirmed several times that his album will be released in April 2016. In January 2016, Rap-Up quoted Drake's appearance on OVO Sound Radio, when he said, “We’re here working overtime on it trying to make it everything I know it should be and the album itself will be coming in April 2016, so 416, you know what’s where I’m from.” As Rap-Up pointed out, 416 is a "reference to the Toronto area code," and the significance of this is likely to keep Drake's release schedule on track.

The only new Drake song to appear on Spotify so far in 2016 is "Summer Sixteen", on January 31. As April fast approaches, it's possible that Views From The 6 by Drake could drop at any moment. And presumably, "Controlla" will be amongst the songs on the album. On the supposed set lists which have appeared online so far, there is a song listed on Drake's new album which is a collaboration with Popcaan, but it's not called "Controlla." It seems quite likely that alleged album track, "Sound/Flow Through," is actually the same song as "Controlla."

If "Sound/Flow Through" and "Controlla" are one and the same, then we should all be able to listen to "Controlla" the second that Views From The 6 is released and hits Spotify. Fingers crossed that happens very soon as I can't wait much longer for more Drake in my life.

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