'Before I Wake' Is Too Terrifying To Be True

Jacob Tremblay's performance in Room captivated the hearts of viewers worldwide, but his upcoming role in Before I Wake has a slightly different flavor. In the new film, Tremblay plays Cody, a sweet kid who is taken in by a couple who recently lost a child. But things take an unexpected turn when the couple realizes that Cody has a unique condition. Based on this general premise, you could reasonably wonder if Before I Wake is based on a true story. But a further look at the plot would imply otherwise.

Cody's "condition" is that the dreams he has while asleep come true in real life — good dreams, but also nightmares. This is where the movie becomes a tied-and-true horror story, and so one would hope that it's totally fictional. And, thankfully, it is. Before I Wake was both written and directed by Mike Flanagan, known best for his film Oculus from 2013. Oculus terrified many a theatergoer, so it seems likely that Flanagan's newest project will be similarly scary. Also, the inclusion of Tremblay as the child protagonist will ostensibly be a big selling point, both because the actor is relevant in the public eye right now and because there's something extra spine-chilling about movies that feature creepy kids. Don't believe me? Just take a look at these films featuring horrifying children and see for yourself.


A couple mourning the loss of an unborn baby decides to adopt an orphan named Esther, and all seems fine and dandy until it's clear that Esther has a dark secret. As it turns out, she's actually a 33-year-old woman and a confirmed murderer. So. Creepy.


Although this isn't a horror movie, the character Cid is incredibly off-putting. Possessing telekinetic powers that are connected to his emotions, Cid has the potential to destroy everything around him, and is on track to become a murderous leader called "The Rainmaker" in the future.

The Ring

Any kid growing up in the 2000s had nightmares about Samara, whose evil spread through the distribution of a video tape. But there's no reason to be afraid of her anymore, both because you're an adult now and because you don't have a VHS player.

The Shining

Although Danny is a little weird (particularly with his imaginary friend Tony), he's actually totally innocent and therefore isn't the creepiest child in this movie. So, who takes the cake? The murdered sisters in the blue dresses who beckon Danny to come play with them "forever...and ever...and ever."

The Exorcist

Being physically possessed by a demon is some pretty bad luck, but it's hard to feel bad for the character Regan given that she's just so freaking terrifying.

The Omen

Damien, aka the son of the devil, was first introduced in 1976's The Omen. Julia Stiles and Liev Schreiber clearly never saw that one, as they made the mistake of adopting Damien in the 2006 remake of the same name. Best of luck with that one, guys!

Admittedly, Tremblay's character in Before I Wake isn't as bad as some of these kids because his supernatural status is an affliction, not something he intentionally uses for evil. However, that doesn't make it any less scary. But you can get some relief from knowing that at least Before I Wake isn't a true story, so you won't personally have to deal with Tremblay's living nightmares anytime soon.

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