‘Young & Hungry’ Will Return This Summer, So Satiate Your Hiatus Hunger With These Recipes From The Show

With its spring finale on Wednesday, April 6, fans are wondering when will Young and Hungry return? Season 3's fall series is on its way, don't worry. And, when it airs, the second half of Season 3 could create more fodder for Gabi and Josh’s "will they/won’t they" dynamic, but it will also bring more of Gabi’s innovative and tasty recipes. As a personal chef on the series, Gabi (played by Emily Osment) is always whipping up something enviable, but is Freeform cooking up another season beyond the second half of Season 3? Will Young & Hungry return for Season 4? [UPDATE: Emily Osment confirmed on Instagram that the show will return June 1.]

According to TVLine, Young & Hungry has been renewed by Freeform for a fourth season, though a premiere date has not yet been set. And, we still have more to expect from Season 3, with its summer premiere expected to air in a few months (based on the premiere date of previous seasons). While there will be some down time between the spring finale and the show's return, there are a couple of ways fans can satiate their Young & Hungry craving. You can marathon old episodes on Netflix or make recipes from the show. (Or both!) Why should Gabi and her closet of adorable aprons have all of the fun in the kitchen? Here are the 9 best dishes seen on Young & Hungry, with recipes you can try at home.

1. Cheeseburgers On Pretzel Bread

In “Young & Secret,” Gabi whips up some cheeseburgers on pretzel bread for Josh and Cooper. Her secret ingredient? Store-bought ketchup. Her secret work affair? Cooper.

Make your own pretzel bread at home with this recipe from AllRecipes.com.

2. Champagne Deviled Eggs With Caviar

Considering this recipe appeared in “Young & Pregnant” I could make a gross egg joke here, but I won’t.

Next time you find yourself as host, impress your friends with this champagne vinegar deviled eggs recipe from the New York Times.

3. Josh’s Favorite Chocolate Chip Banana Nut Muffins

Gabi made Josh these adorable muffins in “Young & Thirty,” though she saved Sofia the runt muffin made from leftover batter.

Try this chocolate banana nut muffin recipe from TasteOfHome.com.

4. Car Funeral Lemon Pies

Gabi’s pie scheme does not save her car, so she serves the lemon pie collateral at her car’s funeral. Whatever the occasion, lemon pie is a good choice.

Craving lemon meringue like grandma used to make? Check out Grandma's Lemon Meringue Pie on AllRecipes.com.

5. Bacon In The Pie Crust

When Gabi and Jilly (Josh’s then girlfriend) face off in the kitchen, Gabi’s signature move (bacon in the pot pie crust) is a dead giveaway.

Make your own bacon pot pie with this recipe from MyRecipes.com.

6. Fudgy Cake For Benji

Turns out, Sofia’s little brother Benji has changed a lot since Gabi saw him last. But, he still loves fudgy cake.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with SmittenKitchen’s fudgy chocolate sheet cake recipe.

7. Food Truck Bacon Mac 'N' Cheese Pops

No wonder Gabi and Jake’s food truck sold out! Also, why does food always taste better on a stick?

Learn how to make your own little bits of heaven, aka mac 'n' cheese pops, with this Buzzfeed Tasty recipe.

8. Peanut Butter Wedding Cake

In “Young & Earthquake,” Gabi sets up a cake tasting for Elliot and Alan, and for Elliot the clear winner is the peanut butter cake. Yum.

Make your own peanut butter cake with this recipe from The Pioneer Woman.

9. Life-Changing Grilled Cheese

Freeform on YouTube

It all started with a grilled cheese sandwich. Gabi snagged her job — and Josh’s heart — in the pilot after making him a grilled cheese sandwich.

Maybe Gabi Moskowitz's (whom Young & Hungry is based on) grilled cheese recipe will change your life too.

See you in the summer for the show's return, hopefully with some more yummy snacks!

Images: Ron Tom/Freeform