This Instagram Of Horrible Family Texts Will Have You Cringing So Hard Your Face Will Get Stuck — PHOTOS

If you’ve every had an cringe-worthy encounter with a family member via text — due to misunderstandings, Autocorrect, or hard core TMI — you’ll appreciate (or at least sympathize with) this Instagram account of horrible family texts. Called “YourShittyFamily,” the account features hilariously awkward and embarrassing texts between children and their parents, siblings, and extended family. The texts will have you laughing and recoiling at the same time, and feeling thankful that at least it’s not your parents who have accidentally sent sexy messages meant for each other to you instead. (Unless, of course, it is your parents, in which case, thank you for making these traumatizing texts public, so that we can all laugh and feel better about our lives.)

Perhaps unsurprisingly, many of the best (and by “best,” I also mean “worst”) texts tend to be between parents and their kids, with parents’ inexperience with technology leading to accidental texts, unfortunate misspellings, and generational misunderstandings. The parent-child texts seem to fall into a few key categories: Parent’s accidentally texting something sex-related and not realizing it; parents texting something sex-related on purpose and intentionally scarring their children for life; parents going for the curse words; parents being way too open about bodily functions; and parents Just. Not. Getting. It. Ahh, family.

For more awful (and awesome) family texts, checkout YourShittyFamily on Instagram.

Images: Fotolia; yourshittyfamily/Instagram; Giphy