8 Beer Memes for National Beer Day

by Meghan Bassett

National Beer Day is one of my favorite days of the year. It’s a holiday that celebrates everything you love about beer — which, if you are like me, is a lot. To help you get ready for the best day ever, I have rounded up the best funny beer memes that properly capture your true love of beer.

What is National Beer Day, you may be asking? And, as a followup, isn’t every day National Beer Day? This holiday isn’t just about throwing back a beer or two with your friends during happy hour. It’s about truly admiring the art and skill that goes into making craft brews, and if you’re feeling adventurous, maybe even trying a pint you’ve never experienced before. Personally, I’ll be spending the day appreciating the beers out there that are made by people who truly love a good brew.

Beer making is a process that takes love, care, and patience. My friends make beer, and it’s always about the process and creating a beer that people can actually enjoy. They are the ones who make National Beer Day really worth celebrating. So for the real beer lovers out there (ahem, note that I did not say beer snobs), here are some beer memes to kick off the celebration with. Cheers.

1. First sip of beer

Nothing in the world beats this feeling, especially on a Thursday night.

2. Beer snobs everywhere

No, I don’t need to talk about how long the hops were boiled and what yeast was used… I just want a brew!

3. Oh wait, yes I do…

Let’s be real, it’s beer or nothing at all.

4. Growlers

That moment you can’t find your growler before heading to the brewery. Everyone panic.

5. Girl’s Got My Heart

There's nothing better!

6. Lite Beer?

Pretty much sums up my feelings about it.

7. Buy them all!

The ultimate dream of every beer lover on the face of the planet.

8. Throwback

Sorry brewers, you aren’t onto something new and different. The monks did it first.

Grab those growlers and let’s do this day.

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