7 Reasons You Should Be Drinking A Beer Right Now

by Chrissa Hardy

Today is no ordinary Tuesday — April 7 is National Beer Day, and that sound you hear is a billion brewski bottles being delightfully cracked open across the world in celebration. There are many wonderful food holidays on the calendar, but this is probably the best "holiday" of the year, because beer is the best beverage in existence. Beer lovers obviously can attest to this, because they know that this kind of drink is a unique blend of ingredients and requires a specific process and hard work in order for it to turn out right. It's not like lemonade, where you get some fresh lemon juice and a bucket of sugar and stir. Brewing beer is a science, and major beer companies and indie breweries alike are our brilliant heroes.

In order to efficiently honor this very important day, pick up a case of your favorite kind, and guzzle it down. Not a beer aficionado? No big deal. There's a beer on the market for everyone, so you will undoubtedly find a kind to fall madly in love with. You'll want to drink it with every meal (though you probably shouldn't), and it'll become a part of who you are. For National Beer Day, here are all the reasons beer is just THE BEST.

1. Because it's always affordable

There's a reason college kids drink a ton of it. Beer is available in every price range, from the cheap and watery, to the sophisticated and full-bodied. Beer will always be there for you, no matter what your financial situation may be.

2. Because it's beautiful when poured correctly

The bubbles. The frothy top. The fading ombre color as it settles. Some beers turn into visual masterpieces upon a solid pour, and for that, we raise our glasses to the brewmasters.

3. Because it's a great thing to bond over

No matter who you are or who you hang out with, you know someone who loves beer. And beer lovers are always looking to chat about the new brewery down the street or the obscure flavored stout they recently tried. If you give beer a chance, you will surely make life-long friends.

4. Because there are TONS of flavors

I hated the taste of beer when I first tried it, but that's because my first beer tasted like bitter regret. As an adult, I've found dessert-y and rich beers that satisfy my sweet tooth and get me good and tipsy. There's a flavor available to match every tastebud, from fruity IPAs to dark, chocolatey stouts.

5. Because there are diet-friendly options

Beer gets a bad rap with the whole "beer belly" misconception, but too much of anything can be bad for you — that's not a concept specific to beer. But there are light versions of beer that are just as diet friendly as the skinny cocktails available. And they taste just as good.

6. Because you just look cool drinking it

Beer is kind of the beverage of 'Merica, so anyone holding or drinking a beer just looks like a relatable, cool, and fun person.

7. Because there's nothing more satisfying after work or on a hot day

Hearing the crack of a can will not only instantly put you at ease, but the smooth stream of beer down into the belly will keep you there, and give you the calming buzz you so desperately need. Ahhh.....

Images: hsaltz/Instagram; Giphy (7)