Watch Kristen Bell in the First Trailer for 'The Lifeguard'

The first trailer for The Lifeguard is here and features a lot of emotions, underwater scenes, and Kristen Bell in a red bathing suit. If you've heard of The Lifeguard before, it's because the film was an official selection at this year's Sundance festival. If you haven't, it's because no one was very excited about it. To fill you in, Bell stars as a 29-year-old (29! Not 30!) who decides to move back in with her parents and return to her high school job as, you guessed it, a lifeguard. Check out the trailer below.

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It seems like The Lifeguard will be a classic "unhappy adult returns home to find his/her self" movie, along the lines of Garden State and Young Adult. If there's one potential bright spot in the movie, it's Martin Starr, who hasn't been in nearly enough since Party Down. But to be honest, if we're going to watch Bell revert to a high school persona, it's going to be Veronica Mars, and Veronica Mars alone.