Yet Another Reason to Watch 'Trophy Wife'

Hey, are you watching Trophy Wife? I'm asking as a concerned friend. Because if you're not watching Trophy Wife — well, you should be watching Trophy Wife. If you're a fan of shows like Modern Family or Cougar Town, this show's basically the tonal love child of those two (it's even got a Cougar Town-style unfortunate name!). And basically, you should be watching it, especially what with Trophy Wife 's upcoming Scandal parody episode.

Yes you read that right: Trophy Wife will be paying tribute to the gladiators. The power of Shonda Rhimes is mighty and should be feared.

Trophy Wife is — for those of you who clicked into this purely for the Scandal — a sitcom on ABC which balances the wholesome family sitcom thing with its own high-octane wackiness. The New Yorker's TV critic Emily Nussbaum referred to the show as "this year's standout." And it's got The West Wing's Bradley Whitford! Don't we all miss Bradley Whitford?

The high-octane side of that equation will soon be translated into a half-hour homage to fellow ABCer Scandal and their high-tension situations. According to Trophy Wife creator Emily Halpern:

We have an episode coming up that becomes a Scandal parody. Diane (Marcia Gay Harden) has a bit of a failure, which as we know is very unlike her, and she winds up sort of binge-watching a lot of Scandal episodes and channels her Olivia Pope.

And according to fellow executive producer Lee Eisenberg, that will involve Kate (Malin Ackerman) working with Diane in "taking down the conspiracy in the PTA. Very high stakes."

What with Kerry Washington's pregnancy causing

this season of Scandal to be shorter, we can use all the white hats we can get — even if they're on a different show. Hey, we could all start a drinking game and do a shot (or a wine sip) every time someone curtly bursts out with an "IT'S HANDLED." Fun times!

Image: ABC