'Scandal's Future Gets a Blow That Will Make Many Fans Upset

Bad news for Scandal fans: According to TVLine, this season will be a bit shorter because Scandal 's episode order has been cut by ABC. Instead of airing the usual 22 episodes, the series will air only 18 this season, before going on hiatus until it returns in the fall. Sorry, everyone!

Don't worry, though, this doesn't spell out any bad news for the show — quite the contrary, actually, as it spells out great news for star Kerry Washington. Though the network has not given any official statement as to why the episode count has been slashed, the timing means that it was likely done because of Washington's pregnancy. As previously reported, Washington is currently expecting her first child with new husband Nnamdi Asomugh.

As Deadline points out, the shooting schedule for the final four episodes of Scandal would have had to take place in April, when it would be impossible for Washington to shoot the series because of her pregnancy — and loose-fitting clothes, or the option of writing Washington out of the show for a few episodes just wouldn't work narratively or when it comes to the show's epic fashion. So, the series will be put on hold until later next year.

Scandal is set to air its fall finale next week on ABC, Thursday at 10 p.m.

Image: AMC