Are The Kylie Lip Kit Restocks Sold Out?

At this point, it's basically a fact that Kylie Jenner's name has become synonymous with liquid lipsticks. Her Lip Kits seem to be one of the most sought after products in the beauty industry at the moment, but are the Kylie Lip Kit restocks sold out? Brace yourself, Jenner fans, because like every Lip Kit restock before it, the most recent restock sold out insanely fast as per usual.

Prior to the 7 pm EST release, Jenner's Kylie Cosmetics site went blank except for a screen showcasing a capture of Jenner from her "Glosses" music video. Text overlaied the photo letting everyone know that a restock was coming. However, for those in the know, word of the Kylie Lip Kit restock had already made the rounds on the Internet. As no surprised to anyone, the Lip Kits started to sell out almost immediately.

According to the Instagram Kylielipkitupdates , Kourt K was the first Lip Kit to go. Considering that this was the most recent color release, its sell out makes total sense. Those who weren't fortunate enough to get it the first time clearly took advantage of the restock. In an unexpected turn, however, KoKo K was the second sell-out color, not Jenner's much praised orange-coral shade 22. As for the last shade to sell out, bringing up the last of the restock sell-outs was True Brown K.

It seems that, like usual, many were upset that they couldn't get their hands on the hottest shades out there. The inability to snag KoKo K was lamented via some fans' Twitter accounts, and considering that it was one of the earliest shades, its popularity is incredibly impressive.

It seems as though whatever Jenner latest release may be, that tends to be the color that sells out quickest. Now that there has been a restock of the most recent hue — Kourt K — it does tend the beg the question of what the next Lip Kit shade will be.

While the glosses were Jenner's most recent release, not Kourt K, it seems like high time that we get a new matte look. After all, matte lips are Jenner's signature, and while glosses are great, if it ain't broke why fix it?

Now, we wait patiently until the next restock or until the latest shade is announced. God speed, everyone.