'RHONY's Bethenny Discusses Health Scare

The eighth round of The Real Housewives of New York City is not going to be all sunshine and Turtle Time. On the upcoming season of the beloved Bravo reality program, audiences will see series star Bethenny Frankel battle some serious, to-be-revealed health problems. Contrary to what the rumor mill has churned up, Frankel does not have cancer, but as she told Entertainment Tonight recently, she has "a couple of different female issues going on at the same time that have created kind of the perfect storm." And in a new interview with Access Hollywood, Frankel addressed the "health road blocks" she's dealt with this year.

“A bunch of things have sort of come together at the same time, lady problems,” Frankel told Access Hollywood. “And I had a bad run, it was bad for me on the show for a minute. I wasn’t filming sometimes.” When asked if her life is in danger, Frankel quickly replied, “No, I’m going to be fine.”

Frankel revealed she missed 10 days of shooting RHONY, and added that the show was "a little nervous" when she was not around.

"Scenes were a little different without me in them," the Queen of the Skinnygirl Empire laughed.

You can check out the clip here:

Watch the Bethenny Frankel interview tonight and tomorrow night on Access Hollywood (check local listings) and tune-in for the return The Real Housewives of New York tomorrow, Wednesday, April 6 at 9 pm ET/PT on Bravo.