Sarah Palin's Trump Campaigning Is Puzzling

Well, leave it to Sarah Palin to use a dead boar to support electing a right-winger to office. Evidently, when she's not giving speeches at Donald Trump rallies that are nearly as convoluted as his supporters are misguided, she's out hunting. And nothing wimpy and lower-48-like, either. Go big or go home (to your house with those Russian views). On Sunday, everyone's favorite one-time VP candidate uploaded a picture of her hunting spoils, all in order to get Wisconsin to vote Trump. The wild boar is huge, but not as big as her attached Facebook post.

Palin uses all the right-wing buzzwords that she can remember — "status quo," "establishment," "independent," etc. — to describe the dire situation. She then goes on to endorse Trump:

The continued games of the permanent political class will assure a Hillary victory unless you tell them "ENOUGH!" and vote for bold, new leadership that puts your interests before party politics. Vote for your jobs and security. Vote for the first candidate since Reagan who is growing the Commonsense Conservative movement... the only one who's created middle class jobs... the only one not living off your tax dollars... the only one Wisconsin can count on to steer us away from the rocky shoals ahead.

It kind of makes the boar photo look relatively sensible, no? Trump made it through her endorsement speech, but it's hard to believe he can stomach much more of her confusing word jumbles — be they part of a Facebook post or a stump speech.

The insanity was just getting started. Later on Sunday, Palin showed up in the Badger State in person at Zingers & Flingers, a gun and archery indoor range in Wausau. Local media reported that she had no prepared remarks. You could tell. She started off with: "Thank you guys so much for being here, for being here for the right reasons, for the Second Amendment that you all so ... uh ... very honorably join me in clinging to, right? Our guns, our God, our constitution."

That's just the beginning of the awkwardness. She eventually talks about the Wisconsin town where her "favorite brother-in-law" is from, seemingly running out of things to say. "Hopefully, I'll get to meet absolutely every single one of you all," she told the crowd. "And take a Trump yard sign and a bumper sticker if you would, because you know he is the one. Under his leadership and his success and his gifts and talents that he wants to put to work for us, he will be allowing us to make America great again."

This comes on the tail of a speech she gave last Friday in Milwaukee. During her 18-minute speech, she drew applause three times — including at the beginning and the end.