Lena Dunham Is Getting Her Own Lenny Imprint

by Emma Oulton

There's nothing more exciting than the prospect of new books — and so hearing about the new Lenny imprint at Random House, headed by Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner, has absolutely brightened my week. Dunham and Konner made newsletters cool again with their feminist Lenny letter, and now they're turning their attention to a longer form of content. Lenny will publish both fiction and nonfiction, all with one key thing in common: the writers will have strong voices on important issues.

If the powerful essays the Lenny newsletter has published are anything to go by, such as J-Law's wage gap essay, or the heart-wrenching story from Jessica Knoll on her rape, then here's betting the books will fuel many a heated discussion.

A Lena Dunham imprint at Random House makes a ton of sense: Random House published Dunham's own essay collection Not That Kind of Girl in 2014, and Vice President Andy Ward said in a press release that the imprint was "a natural extension" of this relationship. "Working with Lena, Jenni and the editors of Lenny, we plan to publish a select number of titles each year to build a varied, compelling, and voice-driven list." That sounds like a list I want on my bookshelf!