15 Fresh Indie Perfumes To Try This Spring If You're In Need Of A New Signature — PHOTOS

I've always loved perfume, particularly indie perfumes, starting with the first baby bottle of body spray my mother bought me when I was seven. Perfume is a great way to pamper yourself and celebrate the present moment. Research has shown that fragrance has a strong connection to mood and memory, so spraying on a favorite scent or experimenting with a new one might make your spring days feel even sunnier.

One of my favorite aspects of scent is that it's such a private ritual. Sure, there are people who seem to walk around drenched in a cloud of fragrance, but generally the perfume you wear is more a matter of personal pleasure than public appearance. When I was just discovering feminism in my late teens, perfume was my only beauty ritual, because I felt that, unlike doing my makeup or fixing my hair, scent was the one cosmetic product that I knew I bought and used purely for myself. Later, I learned that makeup and beauty can be revolutionary feminist tools in their own right (hello, bright lipstick!), but I still love the way perfume allows me to express myself.

No longer confined to the cosmetic counters of department stores and beauty retailers, perfume has experienced an explosion of indie experimentation in the last several years. No matter what scent you love, there's probably a smell out there that will make your heart beat a little faster, and with spring finally here, there's no better way to greet long sunny days. I would recommend starting with these 15 indie fragrances.

1. Balmy Days & Sundays

Balmy Days & Sundays Perfume, $95, Ineke Perfume

Do you love picnics in the park and long Sunday afternoons? Then this sweet green floral with notes of grass and honeysuckle will be your perfect warm weather companion.

2. Spring

Spring Unisex Fragrance, $95, Dasein Fragrance

Dasein's unisex fragrances are gorgeous, slightly abstract interpretations of the four seasons that focus on sensory memories. Spring is floral yet peppery, for an energetic scent that evokes a feeling of growth and renewal.

3. La Vie La Mort No. 90

La Vie La Mort No. 90 Perfume, $42, TokyoMilk

If you like your florals a bit dark and quirky, then beauty and fragrance brand Tokyomilk has you covered. Part of the Tokyomilk Dark Collection, La Vie La Mort No. 90, is an intoxicating blend of heady white flowers and comforting spices.

4. Cedar & Rose

Cedar & Rose Fragrance Oil, $45, Olo

The scent of this luxe oil is inspired by the rose gardens in Portland, Oregon. Fresh, sweet, and just a touch earthy, it's like having spring in a bottle.

5. Two Weeks

Two Weeks Perfume, $60, Smell Bent

Great for pop-culture junkies, Two Weeks is part of the Pop Mantra collection, a series of four unique scents inspired by contemporary music artists. This particular fragrance is inspired by FKA Twigs and is billed as a "futuristic lavender."

6. French Lilac

French Lilac Perfume, $22, Pacifica

Vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand Pacifica creates simple, affordable perfumes in spray and solid forms, so it's super easy to buy a couple of your favorites and create a custom blend. French Lilac is the quintessential breezy spring scent.

7. Ginger Milk

Ginger Milk Cologne, $60, Thymes

A blend of citrus, cucumber, and vanilla, this light cologne is an addictive comfort scent. If you're looking for a subtle yet intriguing fragrance, this just might be the one for you.

8. Garden

Garden Perfume Oil, $45, MCMC

An earthy, herbal, unisex scent, this perfume oil is perfect for all the gardeners out there who love to get their hands dirty. Plus, 50 percent of the proceeds from each sale go to Ananda Harvest, a New York community collective of urban farmers.

9. Distillery General Dandelion

Distillery General Dandelion Perfume, $19, Royal Apothic

If your idea of the perfect day is an outing to the local farmers market for fresh fruit and flowers, than you're going to love this light, green floral from Royal Apothic. And how cute is that packaging?

10. La Danse Des Bleus Et Des Violettes

La Danse Des Bleus Et Des Violettes Eau De Toilette, $80, DSH Perfumes

Inspired by the light-soaked paintings of the French Impressionists, La Danse Des Bleus Et Des Violettes is a powdery-sweet, 100 percent natural floral blend of violet, iris, and lilacs. Wear it on your next outing to the museum or botanical gardens.

11. Gin & Tonic

Gin & Tonic Cologne, $20, Demeter Fragrance Library

If your scent preferences skew more fresh and less floral, this zingy cologne from Demeter is just the ticket. Inspired by the classic cocktail, it's bound to perk up even the grayest of days.

12. Imogen Rose

Imogen Rose Perfume, $70, LUSH

Featuring real rose absolute, Imogen Rose smells like a freshly picked bouquet, and the classic tattoo-art bottle will look fabulous on your bedside table or vanity. Perfect for the bohemian romantic.

13. Aboreal

Arboreal Eau De Parfum, $120, Persephenie

Inspired by the mysterious forests of folk and fairy tales, Arboreal is a mystic floral with a base of woods and spices. Try it for those days when you want to feel a little extra bewitching.

14. The-Tea

Outremer The-Tea Eau De Toilette, $20, Small Flower

If, like me, your favorite way to spend an evening is with a good book and an enormous cup to tea, then you'll love this fresh, simple scent from the French perfumer Outremer. It's a great everyday perfume that still feels a little unusual.

15. Dauphine

Dauphine Perfume, $34, Goest Perfumes

Inspired by Sofia Coppola's film Marie Antoinette, Dauphine is a sweet, floral almond scent full of innocent exuberance. Spray it on to make any day feel instantly prettier.

No matter your mood, you can find a fantastic indie perfume to bring a little spring into your beauty routine. When it comes to the world of fragrance, there are so many tantalizing options to choose from, you might find that you need more than one.

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Images: LUSH (2); Courtesy Brands