Amy Schumer & Ben Hanisch Have A Fabulous Life

Though it's still a relatively new relationship, I'm not afraid to admit that I'm low-key obsessed with Amy Schumer and Ben Hanisch. They manage to post plenty of photos to social media without being that annoying couple we all hate (you know the one, heart eye emojis and captions so sappy, Hallmark should hire them) and it's so cute. Of course, due to Schumer's rapidly growing career, the experiences she gets to have are only getting cooler — from awards shows, to hanging on a yacht, to meetings at the White House (yes, seriously!) — these two are doing it all, and I'm only slightly envious.

However, please let it be known that my jealousy washes quickly away when I realize that these two seem like the real deal, and they always look like they're having so much fun. Sure, #yolo has been done a thousand times, but Schumer and Hanisch are doing it well . I'm officially convinced that no one has more fun than these two, and even if most of us normals don't get a chance to party on a yacht or play doctor for the day, anyone can live it up, Schumer and Hanisch style.

1. Beignets In New Orleans

I've had beignets, but never in New Orleans, so consider me already jealous of this photo.

2. A Night At The Theater

Tickets to Hamilton on Broadway are notoriously hard to get, so I'm sure many people share the envy here.

3. Color-Coordinated Swimwear

Don't you and bae wear complementary swimsuits?

4. The Bluest Water Ever

If I had the opportunity to jump off a pier into crystal blue waters, I would take a photo like this, too.

5. Making New Friends

Seriously? Too cute.

6. Sleepy Travel Buddy

Side note: Why does Schumer look so much cuter than I do when traveling?

7. The Cutest Puppy Ever

Ugh, my heart is melting.

8. The Most Fun Couple At The Party


9. Swoon.

There just aren't words.

10. United For A Good Cause

They are the best.

11. #VacationGoals

Slash that — #everythinggoals is more like it.

12. No Chocolates To Be Found Here

Their Valentine's Day included something active and fun... unlike mine, which involved a boozy brunch and way too much chocolate.

13. This Caption.

All the feels.

14. Trust Them, They're Doctors


15. Glamorous Nights Out

The award for cutest couple ever goes to: Schumer and Hanisch. Was there even a question?

16. Awards Shows Selfies

If you attend an awards show and don't take a selfie, did it even happen?

17. Hiking In The Hills

So very Hollywood, guys.

18. He's Proud Of His Lady

Who wouldn't be, though? Schumer is kicking butt everywhere these days.

19. I'm Officially Dead

The cuteness is off the charts.

It's easy to see why Schumer and Hanisch are quickly becoming Hollywood's cutest couple. I'm looking forward to tons of cute snaps to come!