Amy Schumer BF Ben Hanisch Was So Cute At The CCAs

2015 was pretty fantastic for Amy Schumer’s career, but I have a feeling that 2016 will be great for her love life. Whether stumping to end gun violence or hitting the award show circuit (she and her film Trainwreck have some nominations all over the place), Schumer’s had one very attractive person in her entourage—new boyfriend Ben Hanisch. They hit the Golden Globes together, and the couple appeared at the Critics’ Choice Awards where Hanisch looked adorably bashful about the goings on.

Hanisch is a Chicago-based furniture designer (how Aidan Shaw of him, huh?), and he and Schumer have been together since at least the beginning of the year. But since he’s a regular guy, I can totally see how all of the award shows and camera flashes could be a bit much for him. At the Critics’ Choice Awards, host TJ Miller did a bit telling the audience to text an actor’s name and #CriticsChoiceAwards for that particular celeb to get another drink. This all took place at Schumer and Hanisch’s table, and Hanisch just sort of half-smiled into the camera while the jokes were being told. He really just didn’t know what to do with his face, so he went from half smile to full smile to smirk to really, I’m sure, just wishing it was all over.

It’s an interesting situation, this dating a celebrity, and especially one so hot right now as Amy Schumer. “Normal person” Hanisch has been thrown into this crazy Hollywood world, and I think he’s taking it better than I would be. Hanisch is accompanying his girl everywhere from award shows to the White House, and while I’m sure that it’s a little weird to have a camera in your face all the time, Hanisch is certainly taking it all in stride.