Kyle Diaz On 'Grey's Anatomy' Adds Wilmer Valderrama To The Show's List Of Great Guest Stars

It's been a decade since That '70s Show went off the air, but that doesn't mean that Wilmer Valderrama is done with TV. Demi Lovato's boyfriend has been hard at work, starring in Fox's reboot of Minority Report, but he also recently landed another cool role on a primetime drama — Wilmer Valderrama will guest star on Grey's Anatomy on Thursday. And, Variety reported that it's more than a one-episode deal. According to Variety, Valderrama will have a multiple-episode arc on the show playing a character named Kyle Diaz, who is a musician and MS patient at Grey Sloan, according to Entertainment Weekly.

An EW clip shows Valderrama's Kyle Diaz expressing concern about the symptoms of his disease. After addressing the fact that all of the doctors in the hospital are hot, he explains that he needs his hand to work so that he can perform as an opener for a 13-city tour. When Dr. Stephanie Edwards tells him that "deep brain stimulation has been proven to alleviate intractable tremors like yours," Diaz lasciviously replies that he will show her how he really plays when he wakes up. She's a little taken aback by his flirting, but I have hope for the two of them. Stephanie deserves a good love interest.

Other than this clip, there isn't too much information concerning Kyle Diaz, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens to Valderrama's character on Grey's Anatomy. Until then, here are some of the other best guest stars over the past 12 seasons of the show (and, yes, Demi Lovato is one of them.)

Christina Ricci

Ricci played Hannah, a medical attendant who unknowingly had her hand on a bomb that was inside a patient. Unsurprisingly, she freaked out and ran away — leaving Meredith to take her place holding the bomb.

Kyle Chandler

The Friday Night Lights star played the leader of a bomb squad who is turned to pink mist right before Meredith's eyes when the bomb detonates. He later appears in Season 3 in a vision for drowning Meredith, coaxing her back into the living world.

Sarah Paulson

Before she was American Horror Story's darling, Paulson played a younger Ellis Grey in an episode called "Time Warp." She and Richard were pariahs due to their gender and race, but together they diagnose a man with a disease that ends up being the precursor to AIDS.

Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore played a character named Mary Portman, who came in for a colostomy reversal and ended up falling victim to a gunman rampaging the hospital. Though she survives for six months after the attack, when she returns to the hospital for a surgery, she falls into a coma and never wakes up. Tough shakes, Mandy.

Demi Lovato

Wilmer Valderrama's boo had her own stint on Grey's Anatomy, playing a young woman who is supposedly schizophrenic. After trying to scratch her own eyes out and stab herself with a syringe, it is discovered that she is not mentally unstable after all — she merely has a hole in her inner ear that amplifies all sound and causes her a great deal of pain.

I'm excited to see what becomes of Kyle Diaz on the show starting Thursday. And, hey! Maybe Lovato can make another guest appearance, this time with her BF!

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