The 'Gilmore Girls' As 'Powerpuff Girls' Is The Cartoon You Didn't Know You Needed

The greatest technological advancement of 2016 thus far? Undoubtedly, the Powerpuff Yourself app. Oh, what joy it brings me. It’s always been a dream of mine to be a Powerpuff Girl, and, now that it’s been actualized, I’ve been riding on a high. That said, I’ve stylized myself a few times, but even something as exhilarating as this can get a little dull when you’re continually recreating the same person. So, why not spread the wealth. I used Powerpuff Yourself on the Gilmore Girl characters in honor of the revival, and just because it’s one of my all-time favorite shows. Not that I needed a reason to do this.

I mean, why not, you know? Who doesn’t want to see a sometimes-grumpy, always-rugged Luke in an endearing and cutesy cartoon form? I know I did, which is why I went ahead and did the damn thing. But the best part about making your favorite characters into cartoons is the ability to portray their entire personality through a hairstyle, clothes, facial expressions, and a few accessories. Basically, if Gilmore Girls were to make the revival a cartoon, this is how I’d picture our favorite characters would look.

Here are the Gilmore Girls characters in Powerpuff Yourself mode (you can thank me later).


This iteration of Lorelai is when she's particularly jazzed after having her umpteenth cup of coffee that day. Oh, obvs she's at her happiest when judging everyone in the diner/Star's Hollow with Luke. P.S. The stripes and boots are so "her," aren't they?


This is a bit of Rory old with Rory new. I dressed her up in her most iconic outfit — her Chilton uniform (ish) — coupled with her new Rory bangs, which are pretty infamous in their own right. The rosy cheeks really make it, though.


Oh, how I wanted to put a backwards cap on him, but that simply wasn't an option. Anyway, despite the absence of the hat, there's the plaid, the jeans, the scruff. This is still Luke Danes through and through, right down to his reluctance to express the love he feels for Lorelai, even though it's reverberating throughout the diner.


Dressed to the nines, phone in hand, pissed off that Lorelai is late to dinner. Emily Gilmore, y'all.


Jess, so mysterious in his leather jacket, book in hand, with his broody glare.


Oh, Dean. Simple, generic Dean. The hair is his signature for sure. It's too bad there wasn't a grocery store apron option.


Deviously charismatic, debonair, and cute AF. Logan Huntzberger on fleek.


Sookie is effervescent, hence the rainbow eyeballs. In lieu of her colorful bandanas, since there weren't any (bummer), I outfitted her with some busy leggings that capture their cheery essence. Also, can we pretend that her shirt's a chef's jacket? It's close enough, OK?

OK, I need a Gilmore Girls cartoon, and I need it now.

Images: Powerpuff Yourself