The ‘Gilmore Girls’ Finale Could Feature All Rory's Exes & That Could Be Seriously Huge

If you find it hard to contain yourself every time new news about the Gilmore Girls revival comes out, I’m going to need you to sit down before you continue reading this article. Consider it my journalistic responsibility to make sure you’re safe and that I’m not liable for any huge injuries you suffer as a result of this news, because, trust me, it’s enough to knock every single Gilmore Girls fan off their feet. OK, here it is: I may have just figured out that all three of Rory’s exes will be in the Gilmore Girls revival finale. (Bustle has reached out to Netflix for comment, but has yet to receive a response.)

Talk about a climax. I thought it was exciting enough when one of those boys vied for Rory Gilmore’s heart, but, with all three potentially starring in the same finale episode, this could mean huge things for the drama level that fans can expect from the revival. Especially since it’s also likely that there will be a wedding in the Gilmore Girls revival, and that the wedding will be in the final episode. So follow my thought process here for a minute. That means that, if there is going to be a wedding in this revival, and if the wedding does happen in the final episode, and, if the wedding happens to be Rory’s, then Rory could potentially be marrying any one of her ex-boyfriends. Please, pass the smelling salts, because I’m about to lose my mind.

But, before I lose my mind over this huge news, let me break down how I figured it out. On Wednesday, Stacey Oristano posted a picture of her “Fall” script to Instagram, but we at Bustle couldn't settle for just that. We did a little finagling and a little photo editing to make the cast list on the next page became clear. Of course, nothing has been confirmed officially yet, but what look like the names “Jared Padalecki,” “Milo Ventimiglia,” and “Matt Czuchry” all can be seen rather obviously in the adjusted photo.

See it? How about a little more closely...

The fact that all of Rory’s exes could be in the same episode together is exciting enough, but the fact that they all might be in the finale together could spell huge things for Rory’s love life. Especially considering that, if there is going to be a wedding, it’s likely being filmed during the finale. Because remember when a picture from the Warner Brothers prop room showing a center piece labeled for the scene “Wedding” was posted to Instagram? Well, the pull date for that “Wedding” scene was listed as March 18. And, because I’m a super Gilmore Girls sleuth, I can tell you that, based on this little promotional video for Batman V. Superman filmed on March 18, the cast was most likely filming “Fall” at that time. (See Stars Hollow decorated in full fall regalia in the background?)

Clearly all of this information is a lot to get excited about. And while we may have to wait for official confirmation until the series is released in full on Netflix, I think these pictures tell a story all their own. And that story is definitely a dramatic one. And one that I want to be watching.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures; Tanya Ghahremani/Bustle (2)