'The Boss' Could Beat 'Batman V Superman' At The Box Office & That Would Be Huge

Superman better watch his back, because Michelle Darnell is coming for him. This Friday, the highly anticipated comedy The Boss starring Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Bell is coming to theaters. While this film is undoubtedly creating a lot of buzz for numerous reasons, the most exciting development to date, is that The Boss could beat Batman v Superman box office, according to Variety, securing the top spot over the weekend for itself. The film, which McCarthy, along with Steve Mallory and husband Ben Falcone, wrote, follows Michelle Darnell and she fights to re-brand herself upon her prison release for insider trading. Is that more exciting than superhero giants duking it out? Depends on how you look at it.

McCarthy has become a box office sensation in the last few years, and her name at this point is almost synonymous with comedy gold. This film may be the greatest case of art imitating life, considering it follows a woman as she navigates a male dominated business to become one of the world's greatest success stories. For years, comedy has been a very male-dominated sphere, and, to this day, female-driven comedies haven't been met with the greatest support. But, hopefully, this weekend will show that trend is on the downturn. Even the fact that this is a possibility proves that comedy films starring strong women are gaining a larger audience.

It may seem crazy that the topic revolving around women being funny is even still a question, but, in many circles, especially those in show business, there is still a shadow of doubt. This is the reason people like Elizabeth Banks have been working to create opportunities for women who want to break into the comedy world. Even a decade ago, a comedy starring a female wouldn't even come close to knocking down a major superhero film like Batman v Superman; thus, The Boss proves that women in comedy have come so far.

Obviously, there are still large strides to be made, like the hope that one day this won't be a shocker but a normal occurrence. I take victories where I can get them, though. McCarthy has done so much on behalf of women everywhere, not only in her career, but also off screen. She has made immense efforts to remedy issues for everyday women, so it seems only natural that she aid the charge to bring even more female comedic voices to the screen.

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