Ways You Can Be Allergic To Your Everyday Habits

If you’ve ever had a bad allergic reaction to something — whether that be to a food product, pollen, or the like — you know how brutal they can be. For some, allergies are annoying. For others, they can be life threatening. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, know that are ways you can be allergic to your everyday habits. The symptoms of these habit-inducing allergies could be as simple as a slew of sneezes and a runny nose, or as huge and scary as a trip to the hospital. The key is being aware that these allergies exist, and knowing what you can to prevent them. That could include making some small changes to your daily habits, but should also definitely include a visit to a medical professional to give you bigger and clearer direction on how to move forward.

When many think of allergy triggers, they immediately think of things like dust or food like peanuts. It’s rare we consider how much other aspects of our lives affect what goes on in our bodies in terms of allergies. If you're experiencing certain symptoms each day and think an allergy could be to blame, it’s important to first consider what things might be triggering it. Then, with this knowledge in mind of what the trigger could be, head to your doctor who can test you to be certain. It could very well be that one or more of the things you do each day, like exercising or neglecting to take your shoes off at the door, could be a contributing factor. Here are 11 ways you can be allergic to your everyday habits.

1. Severe Trouble Breathing From Exercising

For some, it might just seem like a good excuse to get out of going for that run today, but for others being allergic to exercise is a very real and scary thing. According to Everyday Health, while hearing of a reported case of someone who is allergic to exercise is rare, the threat can be a medical emergency. In severe cases it could lead to anaphylaxis, the condition where your blood pressure drops leaving you with a difficult time breathing.

2. Hives From Spending Time In The Sun

Spending your lunch hour outside on a beautiful day might seem like a great idea for the Average Joe, but if you’ve finding yourself breaking out in hives every time your skin sees the sun, it could be an allergy you’re facing. The name of this allergy is photosensitivity, and it can leave you with those hives in addition to rashes, blisters, and redness, according to

3. Runny Nose From Hot Showers

Does this seems familiar to you? You love taking long, hot showers, but every time you step out it seems like your nose is running and you can’t stop sneezing. It might just be that your allergy symptoms are being set off by the shower itself. According to WebMD, if you’re someone who tends to let their bathrooms get especially steamy, you might be unconsciously encouraging mold and dust mites to grow. That, in turn, sets off your allergies. WebMD spoke to Neeta Ogden, MD, an allergist and spokesperson for the American College of Allergy Asthma and Immunology, who said, “Mold thrives in warm, moist, and humid environments.”

4. Swollen Downtown Area Due To Sex

Sex could be painful for many reasons, but for this article’s purposes we’ll talk about an allergy that could be causing the discomfort — an allergy to semen. Yes, it’s true — if you’re heterosexual and experiencing a swollen vagina after condom-less sex, you could be allergic to that fluid itself, according to Woman’s Day. Aside from being swollen, other symptoms include hives and trouble breathing, the outlet noted.

5. Itchy Eyes From Wearing Your Shoes Inside

For those who think of pollen season as their worst enemy, this one is for you. Did you know you could be triggering flair-ups by not taking your shoes off at the door? This is because you’re tracking the pollen from outside into your home, and now leaving yourself susceptible to allergic reactions inside, as well, according to the North Carolina Cooperative Extension. The organization’s site also recommended changing your clothes when you come inside, too, to avoid bringing unnecessary pollen in with you.

6. Severe Itching From Exposure To Water

Going for a swim on a warm summer day might be something we take for granted — some aren’t as lucky to be able to experience that luxury. According to Live Science, some people are born with a condition known as aquagenic urticarial, which causes them to be face with severe itching and hives within just about five minutes of being in contact with water. Live Science said this condition tends to affect these individuals regardless of the type of water (ocean versus shower) or the temperature. While this condition is very rare, it’s also very real — the lesions caused by water exposure can last nearly 30 minutes.

7. Sneezing From Neglecting To Clean

Some of us tend to get in the habit of keeping things messy. However this habit can have negative effects, including one on our allergies. This one is quite simple to understand — it we leave things cluttered, naturally they’ll begin to accumulate dust. Then, when you move something, dust flies everywhere and you’re sneezing like never before, your eyes are watery and bloodshot, and you’re grabbing for that box of tissues. According to, it’s important to know what and how to clean in order to reduce the allergy-inducing dust. Specifically, outlined ways to clean your bedroom, bathroom, and entryway in order to lessen the allergens.

8. Rashes From Wearing Leather

Many people love wearing their leather jacket or shoes on a regular basis, but didn’t you know it could be causing an allergy? If you’ve ever worn leather and then gotten a rash that looks like poison ivy, it’s possible you’re allergic to the chemicals used in the tanning process of leather, according to Everyday Health.

9. Rashes From Handling Money

Another thing that could be causing you to experience rashes — the coins in your wallet. According to the America Osteopathic College of Dermatology, certain individuals are allergic to change that contains nickel, so they’ll find themselves breaking out in a rash when they touch the coins for a prolonged period of time.

10. Flare-Ups From Over-stressing

We all know that stress isn’t good for us. However, here’s a reason to keep that stress at a minimum: It could be causing your allergies to flare up. A 2013 study from the Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology found that those with allergies are more prone to flare-ups if they live with persistent stress.

11. Fainting From Being In Cold Temperatures

I hate the cold weather, but now I realize there are plenty of people out there who probably hate it far more than I do, medically speaking. For those faced with the skin reaction known as cold urticaria, being outside when it’s cold (or in air conditioned rooms or cold water) could mean all sorts of allergic reactions — including redness, itching, and in some cases fainting, according to the Mayo Clinic. In the most severe cases, it could even mean that the body goes into shock, the outlet also noted.

If you find that any of these allergy-related scenarios seem familiar to you, consider making the changes you’re capable of making to prevent allergic reactions. Also, especially if you're faced with some of the bigger issues — like being unable to spend time in water or in cold temperatures — you should visit your doctor who can help diagnose and treat you, in addition to guiding you on ways to handle your allergy.

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