How Much Does An Appointment With Tyler Henry Cost? The 'Hollywood Medium' Offers A Few Options

Watching teenage psychic Tyler Henry help celebrities reconnect with their dead loved ones in Hollywood Medium Season 1 was entertaining and emotional enough to warrant a second season. But if you're not a famous person, you can still want to connect with the great beyond. How much does an appointment with Tyler Henry cost? Some famous TV psychics have high rates, since there's such a large demand for them. However, it's unclear whether Henry falls into this category.

The Hollywood Medium's rates are not easily available on his website, but that's where you can fill out a form that will put you on a waiting list to meet with Henry. Unfortunately, according to his Instagram, that waiting list is almost 15,000 entries long. It might actually be easiest to get an appointment with him if you're famous, since his website also specifies that he is currently working on Season 2 of Hollywood Medium. So if you're an actor or reality star, it's possible to circumnavigate the very long waitlist. But for all of the non-A-listers out there, fear not. There are a few ways you can avoid waiting for the six months before getting the opportunity to hear from Henry, and potentially even save some money on the reading.

You Can Enter A Giveaway

Keep your eye on Henry's Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages, and you'll have an opportunity to apply for a shot at a free reading. Given his popularity, the odds will be steep, but maybe you'll get lucky.

Be Open To A Nontraditional Reading

On his Facebook page, Henry is currently giving away a free Skype reading. Again, the competition will probably be fierce, but the cost is nothing, so why not give it a chance if you're interested? Who says that spirits can't communicate through the internet?

You Can Get In His Audience

When appearing on an episode of The Talk, Henry did readings with some members of the audience. Usually, getting into the audience of a daytime show is free, so that could be one alternate way to see Henry.

You Can Petition Him To Come To Your Town

Henry has put out a call to his fans, usually on social media, for them to suggest places where he could hold events. And as he pointed out in an Instagram caption, attending a tour performance will be more affordable than booking a private reading.

You Can Read His Book

Henry just announced on his Facebook page that he's going to be writing a book. Most newly-released books cost somewhere around $20 — which, again, is a pretty good deal compared to what you'd probably spend on a private session with the Hollywood Medium.

Or You Can Host An Event For Him To Attend

On his site, Henry has a form you can fill out if you would like him to attend an event that you're hosting. You might need to be patient, since he has a busy schedule, but if you're already hosting a big event for a few hundred people and are desperately in need of a celebrity guest, maybe Henry is your answer. Plus, then everyone going to the event can chip in.

At The Very Least, You Can Tune In To Season 2

It may be a long wait and possibly an expensive prospect to get a reading from Henry, but as long as you already have a TV or computer, it shouldn't be too hard to live vicariously through the celebrities who get readings on Hollywood Medium Season 2. Plus, Henry himself promises they're already hard at work on the new season right now.

Image: Tommy Garcia/E! Entertainment